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We are thinking about running a Kickstarter campaign to print Tamuran Book 2 and reprint Book 1! We've had a few people ask us about printed books, but we'd like to get a more solid idea of how much interest there is, to gauge whether a fundraising campaign would be feasible before jumping in. So if you'd like books, please take this anonymous survey and let us know!

SpiderForest comics of the week! (Jan 16-22)

It's a Kind of Magic

C/O Queen

Magical gifts, magical friendships, magical adventures, they all possess something powerful. These people, thrust together by fate, must find ways to persevere.

Castoff - Lonely scaredy-cat Vector always dreamed of traveling the world. He got kidnapped instead. Now, with the help of a short-tempered bounty hunter, a happy-go-lucky cartographer, and many more unlikely friends, he has to try to make it home in one piece.
[Castoff Webtoon Mirror]

Magefront - Amarantha sees being accepted into the College of Magic as her first big step into becoming a famous battlemage like she's always dreamed. Unfortunately dark secrets lurk in the bowels of the school, and those secrets might just turn her dreams into nightmares.