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About the story

After the dark sorcerers of the land of Inikis were defeated in the Battle of Souls, their country was broken off from the continent and their evil was sealed away. Nine hundred years later, the seal is deteriorating, the magics to maintain it have long since passed from memory, and the sorcerers have had nine centuries to prepare their revenge…

His home thrown into chaos, the young heir of Tamuran must carry a message far across the wilds of his country before all the land succumbs to a terrible curse. But the heir soon finds that the legacy of his own ancestors may be just as deadly as any Inikan magic, and even his chosen protectors must face down demons of their own.

About the comic

Tamuran launched online on January 5, 2010. The story is adapted from a chat roleplay written by Ann “Chezhnian” Kennedy (she/her, the main storyteller), Aron Fitzgerald (he/him, writes Varony and Effire), and Tressyem/Chandrey (she/her, wrote Kip), which started in August 2008. The world and story belong to Chezhnian. Characters belong to their respective creators and are used with permission. The script for the comic version is adapted and edited by Chezhnian and Aron. The art is done by Aron, with some design input and assistance by Chezhnian.

The comic is drawn mainly using traditional media, supplemented digitally with lettering, perspective rulers, and some 3D-modeled background guides. Through Chapter 16, the comic was shaded in pencil, with alcohol marker shading for flashback scenes, and inked with dip pens and India ink (Chapter 16 was inked digitally in Clip Studio Paint). As of Chapter 17 the page-creation process involves: page layouts done in pencil, rough sketches drawn digitally in Clip Studio Paint, final sketches in pencil, inking with dip pens and India ink, and shading done in watercolor ink.

Tamuran currently updates on Fridays.

Content warning

Tamuran is rated Teen+ (recommended for older teens and up) for violence and language. It may contain: blood and gore, body horror, death, fantasy prejudice (racism/xenophobia), harm to animals, profanity, and trauma. It may also contain characters employing questionable judgment and/or poor communication skills.

Comment policy

Basic rules and code of conduct to follow when commenting:

  1. Play nice. Hate speech will absolutely not be tolerated.

  2. Be respectful of other people and their opinions. We understand that readers may have strong, sometimes conflicting feelings about the story, especially when characters clash with one another or make rash decisions. You are welcome to disagree with us and with other readers and to debate various points of the comic with each other, but keep it civil. No personal attacks, and don't engage people in debate over their personal opinions unless all parties want to participate. If you are making people feel uncomfortable or unwelcome expressing themselves, we may ask you to tone it down (or leave, if the problem becomes an ongoing issue). Don't comment while angry; give yourself some time to cool off and think through what you want to say first.

  3. Keep content roughly PG-13 (about the same level as the comic itself).

  4. We reserve the right to exercise our judgment in enforcing the above policies and delete comments where appropriate, and to update the rules as necessary.


Questions/comments/concerns/site issues? E-mail us at tamurancomic@gmail.com.

Interested in having us speak at your convention? Send us an e-mail! We are located in south-central Pennsylvania, and in the past we’ve spoken on topics such as writing for webcomics, creating three-dimensional characters, world-building for fantasy stories, writer-artist teamwork, and integrating digital and traditional media in art.