Chapter 18 Page 84

Huh. Nobody told him his assigned partner would be quirky, or considerate, or thoughtful, or kind... or cute... Unfortunately being Companioned pretty effectively precludes any potential for romance. At least Morphyx don't experience physical attraction while bound in animal form, mercifully.

(and that is not queerbaiting, I swear - I promise you good wholesome queer romance in this comic... later.)

We are approaching the end of this chapter, which means a between-chapter break while I finish getting Chapter 19 ready to start posting and catch up on some other projects. I've got some art to post during the break, but I'd also like to feature Tamuran guest art if anyone feels inclined to make some. If you'd like your art to be featured, please send it to by the end of August (and keep it within about the same pg-13-ish rating as the comic).

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