Chapter 18 Page 65

(Crimson Talon priests serve the Red Dragon, who is the deity concerned with the affairs of everyday life, including justice and the mediation of disputes. And Serene, as a reminder, is this sorceress from chapters 3-4 (named on page 11 of chapter 3). You will learn more about bloodbinding later, but controlling people is one of her specialties.)

Maybe this will satisfy the readers who've been wanting vengeance for Ka Nuu...?

Speaking of death...
...some amazing webcomic and artist friends have put together another art zine to follow up last year's Battle Damage book. This one's theme is "Death and Decay," I've contributed a painting to it, and it is funding on Kickstarter right now. Go check it out!

And here is this week's round of SpiderForest featured comics:

Fight the Good Fight

Fight for belief, fight for right, fight to defend those who can't help themselves... this is what heroes are made of.

Steamgear Inc. - The story of Ax Arcenast, a woman with an alchemical fire extinguisher who fights for justice after her brother's death at the hands of the world's greatest tech company.

Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire
Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire - In a beautiful and dangerous world, gentle nephilim Autumn journeys to create his own halo to become an angelic hero and prove his worth--and perhaps, find the beauty within himself along the way.