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SpiderForest comics of the week! (Feb 13-19)
(if you like Tamuran, these will be right up your alley!)

Adventure of a Lifetime

C/O Coldplay

Far from home in strange lands, these adventurers are making the most of their journey. One learns to be small yet mighty, while others look for ways to save their way of life.

Root and Branch
Root and Branch - An Epic Fantasy comic following Ariana Greenleaf's quest to find the Great Tree, rumored to hold the ancient secrets of her people.
[Root and Branch Webtoon Mirror]

Chirault - A completed series! After being shrunk by a wayward magic spell, Teeko enlists the help of a demon-hunter who is a demon himself to get back to her normal size. But between monster attacks, an indifferent and distracted mage guild, agitated tree spirits, and conspiracies, things don't go smoothly.
[Chirault Webtoon Mirror]