WIP sketch for Battle Damage Zine

Something different this week - this is not a canon comic scene, but a preview of an illustration I'm working on for Battle Damage Zine. More on that later, but you can follow them on Twitter for more info in the meantime. So far all the art I've seen for it looks amazing...

Hello and welcome to anybody who's here after visiting the SpiderForest table at SPX! It was the first convention I've been to in ages, and it was fantastic finally getting out again to connect with friends and artists and meet new readers. Thanks for a great weekend, everybody.

As for Chapter 18, things have been a bit unpredictable as far as being able to sit down and collaborate with Chezhnian goes, but I should have a solid launch date to announce for you next week. I've got the script mostly ready; we just need to get together and finalize it before I can start drawing. I am very much looking forward to it.

You may have noticed that the site's been up and down this week - the server we're hosted on was getting a lot of bot traffic that was crashing everything. The admins are working on fixing the problem, but there may still be some downtime here and there before things are 100% back to normal.