Chapter 17 Page 47

I figured out how to use Clip Studio's speech balloon tools to create Morphus telepathy balloons that look like the old, hand-drawn Photoshop ones from previous chapters! They're still a bit of a pain to make, but they're more easily editable than the telepathy balloon style I was using earlier in this chapter. I've still got some figuring-out to do to be able to make them more efficiently, but I think I'll be slowly updating Chapter 17 so that the telepathy balloons are a consistent style throughout the comic. (I still want to use a different, more distinct balloon style for the direct, always-active telepathic channel between a Morphus and their bound Companion, but I won't need those in the current chapter...)

Just for fun - Top Webcomics vote incentive: I was creating a character in Elden Ring and realized that I'd accidentally made him look kind of like Nashua. So I made some edits, added the white hair streaks and a tattoo (which I could position to be surprisingly accurate), and took a screenshot to show Chezhnian - vote to see it.

(Don't worry, I am not playing Nashua in Elden Ring. The poor guy suffers enough as it is.)