Chapter 17 Page 12

(EDIT 3/10/22: I've worked out an efficient way to do telepathy speech balloons in Clip Studio that look like the ones in previous chapters, so I've redone them in that style and re-uploaded all the pages. They should be consistent with the old ones now. I'll still be changing the style for Morphus-Companion direct telepathy, but that won't come into play in this chapter.)

Since I’m adding speech balloons in Clip Studio Paint rather than Photoshop this chapter, I wanted to come up with a nicer (and easier) way to do balloons for Morphus telepathy. It should also be easier to distinguish Morphus-Companion telepathy from Morphus-anybody-else telepathy in this style — you can see a tentative example of the Morphus-Companion balloons in this Webtoon update, when Kip is talking with Cathrine. I wanted the Companion telepathy balloons to feel more like thought balloons than speech bubbles, since their connection is closer to sharing thoughts than to speaking with an outside party.