Chapter 7 Page 2

Note from Chezhnian, our main writer/GM for the original rp campaign:

Here’s a little anecdote to go with this page. I’m sure anyone who has ever played D&D or other types of roleplaying games will completely understand, perhaps because it’s happened to you.

Eren, Kip’s player Chan, and I were all sitting together in Eren’s living room writing, probably about the middle of chapter 6 as it is in the comic version. I had already planned what was going to happen in this scene but had kept it secret from the others. In the plot, Kip was just coming back from her date with Prince Ranon when it suddenly occurred to me to pop the age-old DM’s favorite question to Chan: “What does your character wear to bed?”

Chan: “Um, nothing, I think.”
Me: “Are you SURE that’s what Kip wears to bed?”
Chan: “Pretty sure.”
Me: “So Kip doesn’t wear anything to bed?”
Chan: “Well… maybe she wears a little top and a lacy thong type thing*…”

We all had a good laugh over it when the scene was revealed and Kip woke up to find her scantily-clad self (generously) wrapped in one of her sheets in the dank cell, having been bundled up and dumped there straight from her bed.

Moral of the story: If the DM asks you what your character wears to bed, the answer is always… full plate armor!
*Note that thongs have not actually been invented yet in Tamuran.