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Welcome to Tamuran!

This is a long-running epic fantasy comic about kings, monsters, and finding your way home. The comic launched on January 5, 2010, and is currently updating with Chapter 17. In October 2021 the site was converted to a new comic management system and a new comment platform, so don't be alarmed if blog posts and discussion are sparse until you reach more recent pages.

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Mature-content-wise, we rate the comic Teen+ (recommended for older teens and up). You can find more detailed content warnings here.

The comic is created by Chezhnian (she/her) and Aron (he/him):
Chezhnian is the main writer, storyteller, and world-builder.
Aron co-writes, edits, draws the comic, and runs the website. (Hello!)

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We hope you enjoy the comic!