(May contain spoilers!)

Ahna Duana (AH-nah doo-AH-nah) – (forest elven dialect) “Thank you, many blessings.”

Atriand (ah-tree-OND) – The large, powerful country to the west of Tamuran. Also the name of its capital city.

Companion -  The mortal partner to which a Tu Naul Morphus binds him- or herself for the duration of the Companion’s life. ‘Companion’ can refer to either the mortal or the Morphus in a bound pair.

Feast of Crowns – Huge festival held every five years in the capital of Tamuran. It is the event at which the Patriarch announces his chosen heir, when appropriate.

Great War – also the Thirty Years’ War; a conflict between Atriand and its allies (including Tamuran) and Inikis.  It ended about 900 years ago.

Inikis (IN-uh-kiss) – Country which used to occupy a part of the continent to the west of Atriand, inhabited largely by Sorcerers.  Inikis was defeated by Atriand and its allies in the Great War that happened 900 years ago, and after its defeat the country was magically broken off from the continent, pushed out into the ocean as a large island, and sealed within an imprisoning barrier, supposedly permanently.

Inkuratu (IN-koo-RAH-too)- Term meaning “tainted, evil, or forbidden.”  This term can be used as a noun or adjective.

Ka Nuu (KAH-noo) – Nashua’s riding elk.   The elk was responsible for picking his own name.

Kin - The term used by the elves to refers to members of their race.

Kindred Council -  The high council of elven elders that preside over all clans of forest elves in Tamuran. The Kindred Council is seen as having the final word on any matter regarding the laws and cultural issues of the elves.

Lon Haus (LAWN HOSS) – The communal meeting house in an elven stand.  The Lon Haus is where the entire village gathers together for stories and news, and for divinations pertaining to the entire community.

Moon Stag - A buck from the herds of pale-colored deer sacred to Nashua’s clan. Nashua is the official guardian of the Moon Deer for the herds his clan maintains.

Morphus (plural Morphyx (MOR-fix)) - A member of the Tu Naul race who was born with an ability to shapeshift into various animals. Morphyx are trained to become bound Companions to specially chosen mortals. At the time of their binding, they will be locked into the form of the animal that best suits their partner’s role in life, until the time of their Companion’s death.

Namridia (nam-RID-ee-ah) – Capital city of Tamuran.

Patriarch – Formal title for the king of Tamuran.

Season’s Feast An elven festival that is celebrated four times a year with the advents of the spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices.

Seye li-ve (SEE-ay LEE-vay) – Unnatural creatures that are quickly spreading across the forests and lands of Tamuran, consuming or running off all the native game animals. They come out only at night and disappear with the arrival of dawn, and they seem to have an aversion to fire. Nashua describes them on page 9 of chapter 2 as “creatures about the size of a human child of seven, distorted and misshapen… flesh hanging from their bones, toothy maws, and eyes the size of dinner bowls.” They were presumably named for their appearance as glowing “evil eyes” looking down from the forest canopy. The term “seye li-ve” most likely arose from some people’s superstitions that if you referred to the creatures directly as “evil eyes,” it would catch their attention and bring them down upon you – reversing the name was thought to avoid that and deflect any associated curses.

Sorcerer – Term given to those who practice forbidden and/or banished magical arts.

Stand An elven village or outpost.

Tamuran (TAM-u-ran) – The country in which the story begins, and around whose fate it revolves.

Traveler – Term used to refer to the cultural groups of nomadic merchants that travel Tamuran and the neighboring countries; can also refer to an individual belonging to said culture.

Tu Naul (too NAWL) – One of the three legendary guardian races that are said to have been created to protect the human and other races, the Tu Naul are descended from powerful mortal wizards, who millennia ago elevated themselves to a higher realm of existence to better focus on developing their magic and watch over the mortal realm. They have practiced magic and lived apart from the mortal realm for so long that they have evolved into another race altogether.  Though still human-like in appearance, they are considered to possess exceptional beauty. The Tu Naul (theoretically) live to serve their mortal brethren, and often travel to the mortal realm to be watchers and historians, bound Companions such as in the case of the Morphyx, as well as protectors, guardians, and at times even soldiers.

Voices in the Walls – Spirits of the Tamuran royal family’s ancestors bound to wander the walls of the royal palace complex.  The ability to hear these spirits designates the heir to the throne, though both this fact and the existence of the spirits themselves are closely-guarded royal secrets.

the Wilde/the Wildes – General name for the wilderness areas of Tamuran, characterized by mountainous terrain and very old forests.

Wizard – Term used to describe any person with a formal education and license to practice acceptable forms of magic.