Character Q&A #27


Some morphus forms are more inconspicuous than others. Not everybody gets a fancy panther. Not every layman knows what exactly morphyx are, either, or what they can do, beyond being supposedly-magical companion animals of some sort. If someone in Namridia saw an exotic animal roaming around the town, they’d probably assume it belonged to one of the royal guard (which could be pretty awkward if a lion got loose from a traveling menagerie or something…)

Sir Bob had more questions about Zharus Guard/companion dynamics, but you’ll see more of that in the comic as the story progresses. We’ll answer one more part of the questions here, though:

“Why do Zharus guards get paired with Morphyx for an occupation that is seemingly violent if the death of a Morphus is disorienting to the guard?”
Morphyx generally aren’t meant to be front-line fighters, except maybe in an emergency. Under normal circumstances, the Tamurani royal guard doesn’t see very much action. They and their morphyx are also highly trained and usually hard to kill. No system is perfect, though.

Last call for questions, if anybody’s got something that hasn’t been answered yet (and isn’t about morphus mechanics. We’d like to save some of that for the comic itself. ;)