Between-chapter break: Patreon wallpaper preview 2


This is another small piece of the wallpaper I’ve been working on for Patreon backers in between everything else. It’s a photo, hence the weird image quality – I can’t scan it yet because it’s still taped down to a board for painting.

We are not quite ready to launch the new chapter yet. TL;DR version: Chapter 14 will start next Friday on June 5 (June 2 on Patreon), so as to avoid further aggravating a wrist injury and causing more delays.

During Chapter 13 I didn’t have any page buffer, so I usually ended up shading for 3-4 hours straight every update night, and it was starting to irritate my wrist. One of the reasons for taking such a long between-chapter break in the first place was to let me get ahead a few pages and avoid having to do that. Then family stuff happened (see last update) and I ran out of time for creating a page buffer, but I didn’t want to delay the start of the chapter even more just to work ahead.

Then when I was working on shading the title page to post on Patreon on Tuesday, my wrist started acting up again. This time, after about an hour of hard shading, my fingers started tingling -  from what I’ve read, that’s a warning sign that says “stop working NOW, unless you want to develop full-blown carpal tunnel syndrome.” So since then I’ve been resting my hand and working at the shading a few minutes at a time. At this point I’m considering it mandatory that I go back to the original plan and not launch the chapter till I’ve got enough of a head start that I can limit shading to short sessions only. That actually works better all around, since I finish pages faster when I’m working on several at once and can go back and forth between them rather than having to focus only on the next update. I’m pretty sure I can get far enough to do that if I set the chapter launch date for next Friday, the 5th (Tuesday the 2nd for Patreon) – barring anything else crazy and unexpected happening. (I really hope nothing else crazy and unexpected happens.)