About the story

When the dark sorcerers of the land of Inikis were defeated in the Battle of Souls, their country was broken off from the continent and their evil was sealed away.  Nine hundred years later, the seal is deteriorating, the magics to maintain it have long since passed from memory, and the sorcerers have had nine centuries to prepare their revenge…

His home thrown into chaos, the young heir of Tamuran must carry a message far through the wilds of his country if he is to have any hope of saving his kingdom and his people.  But though the sorcerers’ power is rapidly consuming all the land, the heir soon finds that the legacy of his own ancestors may be just as deadly as any Inikan magic, and even his chosen protectors must face problems of their own…

About the comic

Tamuran is adapted from a chat roleplay written by H. A. “Chezhnian” Kennedy, Eren Fitzgerald, and Tressyem, which started in August 2008 and is still ongoing.  The world and story belong to Chezhnian, characters belong to their respective creators and are used with permission.  The script for the comic version is adapted and edited by Chezhnian and Eren.  The art is done mainly by Eren, with assistance and design work by Chezhnian.

Tamuran updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.  It is rated (roughly) MA-16 for violence and language.