Chapter 4 Page 15

Halfway through Chapter 4… seems like we just started it…

EDIT:  Varony’s referring to this page.  Forgot to link to it earlier!  Hope that makes more sense now.

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  1. KermitsGirl

    Yaaaay! New webcomic to follow!

    I love this; the storyline is fascinating and the art is well done. I can’t wait to read more.

    • Chezhnian

      Thanks for reading. Glad you are enjoying it! :)

    • eren

      What Chezhnian said. Welcome, and thank you!

  2. Liliy

    *chuckles* And this is why she needs a curtain. Or a bird cage.

    Yay for the half-way point!

    • eren

      you think either one would faze him…? >.>

      • Liliy

        Maybe if it was a birdcage with a cover…put him to sleep? XD

        • eren

          hmm… can you soundproof a birdcage? XD

  3. Telsalin

    Like the drawings! Also, the bird is great. Good to have something new to read…

  4. Telsalin

    oh, and Verony is the best :P

    • eren

      haha, thanks! Varony is my character, so I may be biased there. XD

      Welcome to the comic! Glad you’re enjoying it. :)

  5. Telsalin

    Thanks. :)
    It said this is an adaptation of a role-playing chat room….? How did you get that idea? i admit i’m very curious; I haven’t seen anything like that before.

    • eren

      I’d already worked on a webcomic based on a college D&D campaign I participated in, with the dungeon master writing the comic adaptation. For Tamuran, we already had all the chat logs recorded to serve as a first-draft script, and our RP process is a lot like collaborative fiction writing to begin with. Since we decided to make it into a comic, we just started treating it more like writing a novel than a just-for-fun RP – discussing plot direction, character motivation, and cause and effect… rewriting parts that didn’t work the way we wanted them to on the first playthrough, that sort of thing.

      The original suggestion to make the RP story into a webcomic was Chezhnian’s (the creator of Tamuran’s setting, the RP storyteller and main writer). We (and Kip’s player) liked the story so much that we wanted to make it into something we could share with other people… and have something to show for all the effort we’d already been putting into the story, heh. So hopefully we’re accomplishing that. XD

  6. TJ

    Great job with the drawings on this page! I love the way you draw expressions :3 And your perspectives were perfect! *claps*

    • eren

      Thank you! I am definitely still working on getting perspective shots right, so I’m glad you like it. :)

  7. Telsalin

    Very cool…well, I greatly look forward to reading!

    • eren

      awesome… feel free to let us know how we’re doing!

  8. Ecirb ray

    I think barony said that to divert suspicion from himself…
    Just a thought.

    • Ecirb ray

      Whoops! Varony! Stupid auto-correct!

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