Chapter 3 Page 07

Finished page will be up later, as will a proper con report for Intervention (finally)!

EDIT: oh man, I am really sorry about the ridiculous delays with this page! That’s the problem when I get behind schedule – when I’m stuck having to work on one page start-to-finish in order to catch up, it goes way slower than when I can skip around and work on bits of several different pages at once. Excuses, I know, but at least now I’m starting to make some headway. And figure out how I work best, to get pages done faster and with the least amount of hair-tearing. >.>

TWC vote incentive! is a little something we found at the Rockville Whole Foods that made our Intervention extra …lemur-tastic. :D

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  1. Reth Shannar

    It’s a bit had to tell in the pencils, but isn’t that the girl who made an appearance right at the end of chapter one?

    • eren

      Good eye. :)

      • Reth Shannar

        I’m still trying to figure out if she’s the same one who nearly walked in on the conspiracy in the prelude… I guess time will tell…

        • eren

          ah.. I can tell you that she’s not. Not that I want to quash theorizing, but in that case any resemblance was unintentional, aside from basic Traveler characteristics. I am thrilled that we have people reading that closely, though. :D

  2. Drey

    Well, finally caught up on my reading and its’ worth the wait. From time to time I’m jarred by the little bits of modern you guys throw into your story (the glasses for instance), but then I nudge myself and remember this is your fantasy world and you guys make the rules.

    Anyway hope to see you again soon.

    • eren

      A Wizard Did It. >.>

      But seriously, yeah, Tamuran’s setting isn’t meant to correspond to any one historical time period, and modernish stuff will show up once in awhile. For example – I’m sure you’ll hate us for this, but there is some knowledge (at least among doctors, alchemists, and the highly educated) of bacteria and antibiotics. Chezhnian’s history for the world also involves civilizations rising, falling, and being forgotten several times before the present-day point of the story, so aside from things that were invented independently or discovered/created with the help of magic, there is also the possibility for past knowledge and skills to have slipped through the cracks or been rediscovered.

      If anything ever comes up that absolutely cannot exist without contradicting something else that’s been established in the setting, though, by all means point it out to us! :)

      (…and THEN we can say “A Wizard Did It.” ;P)

      I’m glad you’re keeping up with the comic and enjoying the story!

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