Chapter 2 Page 15

Next new page update will be next Friday – still working on a whole lot of convention stuff, and getting Chapter 3 ready to draw (only two more pages of Chapter 2 after this one!) On Tuesday I’ll be posting something of the other art I’m working on.

TWC vote incentive is the inside back cover of the print version of Chapter 1, which includes colored pictures of the two princes.

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  1. Liliy

    Tee hee. *pets the elk* Someone who can get to Varony! :D

    I sense Nashua snickering satisfyingly in the background. That Elk is so getting treats later~

  2. Chezhnian

    Now we know why Nashua is not afraid to bring along crazy travelers that he meets randomly in back alleys at 4 am. >.>

    • eren

      Sure…”Save me, giant walking steak! Save me!”

      And then he doesn’t listen to the elk’s judgment of said Traveler, anyway. all I can say is that Nashua’s got lousy taste in bouncers.

  3. Chezhnian

    lol :P

  4. Silverwolf

    Ka Nuu: “Ah. Armani tastes delicious.”

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