Chapter 2 Page 09

“Seye li-ve” is pronounced “SEE-ay LEE-vay,” by the way.  They’ll be getting their own lexicon entry shortly.

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  1. Chezhnian

    I think this is my favorite page so far in Chapter 2. ^_^ I especially love the middle right side panel. Looking at it and listening to a new music group I just discovered on You Tube called The Moon and the Night Spirit really makes my want to hop in that caravan and leave this world behind.

  2. Liliy

    I dare say it’s kinda’ cute.

    You wouldn’t get me within range (be it jumping or touching or leaping) of it until proven safe.

    But cute none-the less.

    This may have something to do with the fact I haven’t smelled one. :D

    • eren

      I was afraid that the wide ink strokes would detract from the creepiness… It looked better in the sketchy pencils. ^^;

      • Liliy

        I think I just find creepy things cute.


        • eren

          Like Grace? :) That’s a character I need to try drawing… I was really impressed by the blend of cute style and sheer creepy, the first time he showed up in WaM.

          I think I screwed up the shading of its eyes… the pencil sketch was nice and soulless, but I used my normal method for eye-shading and it might have given them too much depth. I cheated and photoshop-dodged them out for the final version, but I think I still need to go more for a reflective version of reptile-eyes or fish-eyes, maybe…

          ((Tree-creature): What, so does that mean I’m NOT actually cute? D: )

          • Liliy

            Ah Grace. Yeah…he got like 5x less creepy the second time I drew him. XD The chibi style did nothing for his intimidation factors.

            Hmm. The eyes look fine to me. The little reflective gloss gives it that hint of intelligence, which is a tad more frightening in this case than just empty. I think maybe what he’s missing is something to indicate that stench that’s been singled out. Like an open slit on the skin with puss or something. Right now it’s just hard to picture that he smells bad, if only b/c he does remind me of a reptile or hairless creature.

            And no fish eyes. *squinted glare*

            (It’s okay Tree-creature! I still think you’re cute! *snuggles* Ow…bony…)

          • eren

            I dunno, I think you did a good job with the creepy… the first panel of him just had a little closer focus to show all the contributing details (his hair texture and such).

            They don’t smell all that great, but Nashua’s “stink of death” is (slightly) more figurative than literal. And they’re supposed to have patchy mangy fur, but I wasn’t quite sure how to shade that without screwing it up. Now that I’ve thought about it some more I’ll have to go back and add some texturing…

            ((TC): Sorry! ^__^; )

  3. PurplePython

    Awww. I want one as a pet. w>

    • eren

      You wouldn’t have to worry about neighborhood pests, then… or neighbors, for that matter… >.>

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