Chapter 11 Page 31

Let it be known that I filed a formal complaint with the Management about having to draw a village full of shirtless tattooed elves, but the Management (ie, Chezhnian) would hear none of it. Apparently SOME people prefer their elves half-naked and covered in design work, sigh.

Though mostly what’s taken so long is all the buildings – when I have to draw a scene with complicated architecture or interiors, I make a model of the whole thing in SketchUp so that I can keep everything consistent and in perspective, and use the model to trace the basic shapes of where stuff goes for the backgrounds (especially useful in cases like this, where the buildings aren’t aligned to a grid and you’ve got different vanishing points for every house).

Ironically, as soon as I posted the “I’m done with design and am working on pencils now” update on Tuesday, the last bit of my last piece of blue pencil lead broke. So I had to make a trip to the closest art store that carries it (about 40 minutes’ drive) to get more before I could do any more on the pencils (it’s been that kind of two weeks). It definitely turned out to be worth the trip, though… I got some pretty cool stuff besides the lead, like some soft pencils that are turning out to be WAY smoother to use than the ones I’ve been shading really dark areas with. Wish I’d found those, say, a chapter ago…

I’m about halfway through the shading, so I should be able to finish and post the page after work tonight.

Also, the teas for Indiegogo backers are ALMOST ready to go, so we should FINALLY be able to ship out the last few backer rewards next week! (I am really excited about this). There are still a few people who haven’t replied to emails to give us their shipping address updates and reward choices, so if you’re one of them, please let us know (tamurancomic(at)gmail). We want to get you your stuff!

(EDIT: Finished page is posted.)

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  1. JaneB

    Ah, THAT kind of week/fortnight/month… they occur regularly around here alas. hoping the new art supplies are the start of an upturn!

    Must say I rather agree with the management…

    • eren

      Thanks! I hope so.. seems like it might be!

  2. Darksabre

    NASHUA RETURNETH. YUS. He is my favorite……..

    • JaneB

      And mine,.. but it feels kind of mean to the others to admit to that…

      • Darksabre

        But I love Varony too. And Slade, and Kip. But mostly Nashua. :D

        • JaneB

          Nashua :), then Varony, then the other two (Kitty-Kip is endearing, I guess ‘cos the form fits the behaviour better!), But having Nashua back is definitely a Good Thing

  3. Dragon

    Oh no! This is going to be one of those things where the village is already destroyed, and this is only a memory left of it :( Nashua doesn’t realize, and he’s going to be devastated when he finds out. I really hope my hypothesis isn’t true, because that would be awful for Nashua.

  4. D

    If one were in battle wouldn’t one want the protection that clothing and armor give?

    • Chezhnian

      The elves in this setting, the forest elves at least, don’t use armor or even own any, come to think of it. Also since fire is the primary weapon against the seyelive, less clothing to catch fire is a plus.

    • eren

      Thanks for trying! I appreciate it! :P

      • D

        hmmm I guess a shirt doesn’t offer much protection against a large creatures claws anyways. :/
        Does this mean that the forest is warmer in climate?

        • Chezhnian

          The forest isn’t warmer. The elves are very tolerant of cooler temperatures. For example, if everyone in the party is wearing parkas, Nashua would comfortable in a light winter coat.

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