Chapter 9 Page 16

Having some technical difficulties getting the finished page scanned, so here are the pencils for now. Look for the shaded page to be posted this afternoon.
(EDIT: Finished page is up now.)

For those of you who contributed to our Book 1 print funding campaign, we’ll be sending out an update later this week, with a status update and a preview of some of the new extra artwork.

And it looks like ComicMix is having their annual March Madness webcomics tournament, and Tamuran is on the list of potential competitors – if you have a second, please go vote for us and your favorite comics!

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  1. Lemon Snout

    Haha I think I can take a pretty good guess….

  2. JaneB

    Yup, hello friend… :-)

  3. Don

    I can just imagine the look on the young ones face if he gets a nose to nose with him…

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