Chapter 9 Page 15

So much for a nice, quiet evening in the cold and damp…

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  1. Zypher

    That bow shouldn’t work in the rain.

    Sorry, it’s one of my nitpicks even for LOTR. Bows made with anything natural are useless in the rain.

    • eren

      Heh, I think my background shading is making it look like it’s raining harder than it is – it’s not supposed to be a downpour (just now, anyway). I’ll have to work on that in the next page. The bow’s pretty well sealed and weathered, and it’s been kept as dry as possible (given the humidity) up to this point, so it’s not too wet just yet. And from what Chezhnian tells me, Nashua’s willing to sacrifice some accuracy for range in this instance.

      • JaneB

        My first thoguht was ‘what about the bow-string in all that rain’ too… then I thought ‘magic’? And if there is a threat not yet closed in and one can use a distance weapon to scare it or chase it away, and it was kept covered until needed, you probably have a few minutes before it’s wet enough to be completely uncooperative. It’s the strings that historical archers seem to be most concerned with, at least in what I’ve read; you don’t read so much concern about the body of the bow if it was a well-made thing weapon with some age, much more about the string (people’s habits of keeping strings under hats and in inner pockets or oiled cloth or silk, speed in stringing the bow to shoot so as to expose the string to the least moisture possible, that sort of thing). But I never really got to play with these things for real, yet… one day…

        • eren

          I don’t have experience shooting in rain, but from what I’ve read, the bowstrings are the biggest, most immediate problem – they expand and you get less tension, which means lower range and lower accuracy. Though it depends what they’re made from and how they’re treated, too – apparently some materials are less susceptible to absorbing water than others. Bows (and arrows) will eventually get waterlogged and damaged, too, but it also depends what they’re made from.

          Nashua’s definitely got some spare strings with him, and has experience shooting in all kinds of weather, though of course he’s not going to be using his bow in heavy rain. His people probably have some spells and charms to help with the weatherproofing of equipment, too.

  2. Lemon Snout

    Lol kip…
    I’m the same exact way in these situations. :P

  3. BaufenBeast

    The sentence missing between the last and 2nd to last panel: “Are you going to shoot my horse?!”

  4. Guesticus

    And Var finally shows up, in fluffy hound form or human though?

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