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It may sound like a Standard Epic Fantasy Quest, but don’t give up on us just yet. ;)

I don’t want to say too much yet, but hopefully soon we’ll have some news for you regarding preorders/an Indiegogo campaign for the Volume 1 trade paperbacks (chapters 1-7).  At the moment we’re waiting on some paperwork to go through.  But I will say that in the meantime we’ve been working on a pretty cool (imho) Tamuran trailer video to go with it, complete with a re-edited and re-recorded version of one of Chezhnian’s original soundtrack compositions, and I cannot wait to show it to you guys.  :D

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  1. JaneB

    Yay, update!

    There’s nothing new under the sun, vanity vanity all is vanity says the preacher etc.

    So far you’ve done most of the ‘typical fantasy things’ – getting the party together, having a small first fight, introducing the Major Crisis Threatening the Country – but it’s been done very well and is a compelling read, with interesting characters – so I’m looking forward to your take on the next stages!

    • eren

      Heh, true. Some of the characters even met in a tavern, technically… though that might be more an RPG trope than standard fantasy fiction. Some of those things are probably a result of the story BEING an RPG to begin with – have to get your player characters together one way or another, and have to have some goal for them to work toward.

      I like archetypal stories, personally, so long as the plot avoids huge cliches and the most overused tropes (or at least does something interesting with them), and has relatable characters and enough surprises to keep readers guessing. It’s definitely all in the execution. Glad you’re enjoying our story so far!

      • okura94

        Besides, originality of plot does not a good story make. Good storytelling is in the authors ability to use details, plot twists, etc to grab and hold the readers interest, something you good sir excel at.

        • eren

          Thank you! Credit there would go mainly to Chezhnian, not me – she’s the GM for the story, I just write a few characters and play at editor and movie director when it comes to transferring the plot into comic panels (ie, stomp around make a general mess of things. After letting my characters stomp around and make a general mess of things in the writing phase).

  2. Carapace

    A quest for allies is very different than a quest for a MacGuffin. Heck, this isn’t even an allyquest; it’s a desperate message delivery. That happens kind of a lot in war. I like the realism!

    • eren

      I wouldn’t say that the plot is 100% MacGuffin free.. but those can be fun, too, surrounded by the right circumstances. For us, not so much for the characters.

      And yeah. I’d say that enough realism to keep the story immersively believable for us and especially for the characters is a necessity. THEY don’t go much for suspension of disbelief. XD

  3. JaneB

    I’m niot sure there’s much of a line between RPG tropes and Fantasy novel tropes any more (if there ever was one). Taverns are so CONVENIENT for meeting people… and people DO need something to do unless a story is going to be hopelessly literary – even in fluffy romances there have to be reasons for coincidental meetings and some purpose for the character’s choices, or the reader wouldn’t be able to relate to it at all.

    A trope isn’t quite a cliche, either, it’s just a device, right? Fair game… I certainly hope so – my NaNo effort this year is once again built around a distinctly conventional plot frame (I did avoid taverns as the setting for bringing my characters together this year… but alcohol was involved), complete with putting characters through the wringer – well, where’s the story, else?

    And if their creator could stop posting comments on other people’s creations and get on with her own, they might even get it together long enough to get out of the damn mountains they’re currently wandering around in.

    • eren

      Given that taverns are major social centers and news/information hubs in this sort of setting, as well as being places that travelers need to frequent to meet their needs for food and shelter (and booze), yeah, they’re definitely convenient, and a realistic place for characters to run into each other. Especially convenient for DMs who need to get their diverse group of player characters together quickly, which is what I mean about the connection to RPGs, at least tabletop ones.
      …Now that I think about it, the two main characters of the other major Tamuran plotline technically first see each other in a tavern, too (for all of twenty seconds), though the circumstances there are very different.

      Right, tropes aren’t necessarily cliches. You can’t HAVE a story without tropes – the idea of ‘characters’ is a trope, even. When I’m talking about cliches I mean the sort of tropes that have been used so often in fantasy that they don’t require much thought on the writer’s part to come up with, and make the story and characters completely predictable to readers. Though even tropes with a lot of mileage on them can be interesting depending on what you do with them, and what sort of spin you add.

      And I think most really good stories put their characters through the wringer, one way or another. That’s just good writing. :)

      Lol, go get those words in!

  4. JTM93

    I love the meeting in the Tavern. Though I also love the meeting in a Gaol as well.

  5. hariman

    Now they burn the letter and send it to Princess Celestia.

    No, wait, wrong series! Now they trigger the guiding magic and follow it to their guide!

    • eren

      don’t they have to learn something about the power of friendship before they can do that first one? I don’t think they’re quite there yet. >.>

      • hariman

        Well, not unless they just want to bug Celestia with regular mail.

        Although given Celestia’s actions so far, she’d enjoy a normal letter and a distraction from the court of Equestria.

        • eren

          heh, I ‘ve only seen the first few episodes, but I can see that. (Chezhnian’s the real Brony here)

  6. Lemon Snout

    Have you ever tried voice acting? Very deep past few pages by the way.

    • eren

      Voice acting for the trailer? This one doesn’t require any… maybe someday. :)

      And yeah, war is not-fun stuff, generally speaking.

  7. Nemai

    I am suitably in love with everything you have done with this part of the story. The choice of scene to present, the letter wording, the artwork in general, the character building and the awesomely believable quest. Mind, I love every part of the story, so really…. But I thought I’d offer my heartfelt glee that you haven’t disappointed me yet. :)

    • okura94

      Well said, indeed one of the best webcomics I read.

    • eren

      That means a great deal to both of us, to hear that. Thank you so much (to both of you).

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