Chapter 12 Page 21


Oh hey, this is page 401 of the comic. Chapter 12 page 20 was 400.

The new website’s just about ready to go. I’m planning on putting it up Wednesday. It’ll probably take a while, since the conversion involves doing a few manual WordPress upgrades, converting the comic over to a new management system, and reuploading all the page files at a different size. Wish me luck. :P


Chapter 12 Page 13


sorry, Varony, apparently nature spirits have no particular weakness vs. wall-o-text.

In more Kickstarter news, Amya’s campaign to print their 350+ page first volume has less than a week to go. Amya, if you don’t already read it (you should!) is a high fantasy comic with solid world-building, unique, well-developed characters, and great artwork, made by some really fantastic people. So please check out their comic and their campaign and help spread the word – there’s still a ways to go before they make their goal.


Chapter 12 Page 11


Thanks very much to everyone who’s been leaving comments and survey responses regarding a new site design – the input has been really helpful. We’ve gotten a lot of votes to keep the light-on-dark text, and so far as I’ve been experimenting with color choices I’ve liked the look of the light-on-dark ones better, so most likely we’ll be sticking with that. We’ve also gotten a lot of requests to make the font size bigger, so that’s going on the list, too. That’s one of the reasons for the redesign – the site was made when monitors tended toward slightly lower resolutions, so we wanted to update it and make it a bit nicer-looking and more readable, especially on bigger screens. I’m still finalizing the design, so feel free to keep sending suggestions. The site is for you guys’ use and convenience, after all.


Chapter 12 Page 10


Hey guys, since I’m currently working on a new, more professional-looking website design for the comic, we wanted to put up a suggestion box and see what you’d like to see on the new site. Here are some things that we’re currently planning:

- Larger, more readable comic pages
- Doing away with the light-on-dark text
- A usefully navigable archive page
- More convenient links to things like Facebook and Twitter (yes, we have a Facebook page, maintained by Chezhnian)
- Updated Cast page, with a ‘new-reader-safe’ version of major character profiles and a ‘spoiler’ version for current readers who want a refresher on who’s who and who did what
- Updated World page, with lexicon updates and a map of Tamuran
- A Links page that is not five years out of date
- An FAQ section

If there is anything not on the list that you’d like us to consider, or if you have any suggestions for FAQ questions, please let us know via this survey.

As always, thank you for reading!


Chapter 12 Page 08


Update on the LeyLines Book 3 Kickstarter campaign, which ended today: they didn’t reach the stretch goal level where Chezhnian and I would contribute a short comic (it was a pretty high stretch goal level), but they did make their base funding goal and their first stretch goal. So congratulations to the LeyLines crew, and thank you to everyone who donated or helped spread the word. As for our comic contribution… maybe next time. :)



Chapter 12 Page 06


There’s less than a week to go in the LeyLines Volume 3 Kickstarter campaign that Chezhnian and I are contributing a comic for (if they reach our designated stretch goal level). They’ve made their base goal and are well on their way to the first stretch goal. Our level is one of the higher ones, but with nearly a week left, anything can happen. Take a look at their campaign, and help get the word out if you’re so inclined!

In other spreading-the-word news, Amya is running a Kickstarter to print a 350-page volume of the first part of their comic, complete with extra artwork, short stories, and a gold-foil-embossed cover. And Brittany, the artist for the first eight chapters of Snow by Night, is having an Etsy shop sale to help make her rent for the month  – you can read about it here, and visit the shop here. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of Doctor Who (circular Gallifreyan language art especially).

And while I’m linking things, the folks on this Tumblr are holding a summer Silmarillion read-along, complete with readers’ guides and team activities (I’m not on Tumblr, but I’m forcing Chezhnian to read along with me. So far she is surprisingly enthusiastic, for someone who has been made to sit through as many spontaneous lectures on Elvish etymologies as she has…)

There you go. Go forth and click stuff! And read comics! And have an awesome weekend!


Chapter 12 Page 04


Keep it up, Kip, I think you’re winning!

Update on the LeyLines Volume 3 printing campaign (for which Chezhnian and I are contributing a comic if they make it to our stretch goal level) : they’re almost to their base funding goal, with 13 days to go. So there’s plenty of possibility for some of those stretch-goal contributions from various creators to make it in.  They’ve also been posting video features about their guest contributors, so you may want to take a look if you’d like some fantastic new artists and comics to follow.


Chapter 12 Page 02


He doesn’t know what, if anything, is going on with Kip and Ranon… he just has a Very Bad Feeling about this.

Last update I mentioned that Chezhnian and I have been invited to contribute a comic for Robin and Cory of LeyLines’s campaign to print Volume 3 of their comic.  For one of the campaign rewards they’re compiling a pdf book of “Trickster’s Tales” – an anthology of maybe-maybe-not-true LeyLines short stories, comics, and artwork by the LeyLines team and, as their stretch goals, various other comic creators. The more stretch goals they meet, the more creators’ stories are added. I think it’s a pretty cool idea. They’re already over halfway to their base goal, with 20 days to go in the campaign, so there’s a good chance that they’ll get to some of the stretch goals (crossing my fingers for that).

So please take a look at their campaign and help spread the word about it. And give LeyLines a read, too, if you don’t already follow the comic. It’s the story of a group of (mostly) royal siblings trying to find answers about the conspiracy that they become entangled in, set in a rich world that’s brimming with culture and mythology.  Very good stuff.


Chapter 12: The Cazrimar

Welcome back! Chapter 12 begins! Also….

The Tamuran store is now open!
 We finally have a Tamuran store! Chezhnian has been hard at work getting it all set up, and it is now open for orders. We have copies of Book 1 in softcover and PDF, shiny buttons and bookmarks, art prints, Tamuran map prints, and even limited numbers of character teas and Chezhnian’s crocheted tiny elk and ravens. So if you’ve wanted a book or any other Tamuran merch, please take a look at the shop. Note that we will be offering Books 1 and 2 together when we do our fundraising drive to print Book 2 in a few months, but that of course will depend on our meeting our funding goals, and will probably ship out a few months after the campaign… so if you want your book sooner than that, the store might be a better bet. (None of the other items in the store will be offered through the Book 2 campaign.)

One more note: Robin of LeyLines has invited us to contribute a comic for her Book 3 printing campaign as a stretch goal. I’ll talk more about it on Friday, but for now you can read about it on her campaign page. Go check it out!


Chapter 11 Page 49


Hello to anyone who found us at KarmaFest this Saturday. Welcome, and thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoy the comic!

I’m working on catching up on replying to comments on the last several pages, so if you asked a question, be sure to check back to see the reply. I’m sorry for taking so long. It’s been an …eventful few weeks (though it’s starting to take a turn for the good-eventful, happily).


Chapter 11 Page 48


…so are we in trouble, or…?

Reminder that we’re going to be at KarmaFest this weekend north of Baltimore, MD – we’ll have an authors’ table indoors with Book 1 and our usual convention stuff.  We’ll be there until 3 on Saturday (the 7th), and we may or may not be there on Sunday at this point – if we are, we’ll be sharing the table with our friend Devon McLaughlin. We’ll announce via Twitter, Facebook, and an update to this post when we know for sure about Sunday.

EDIT: We aren’t going to make it down for a second day of KarmaFest, but if you’re in the area, make sure to stop in and check out Devon’s books!


Chapter 11 Page 46


Congratulations, Varony, you’ve been promoted to the same rank as the obnoxious talking-animal pet/sidekick.

Speaking of whom… he’s around here somewhere…

It’s spur of the moment, but Chezhnian and I are going to have an authors’ table selling Tamuran books at Karmafest on June 7, at Oregon Ridge Park in Hunt Valley, MD. We’ll only be there for Saturday – on Sunday our friend D.C. McLaughlin will be selling her novels – fantasy and vampire-with-a-pagan-twist.


Chapter 11 Page 45


I’ve got the unfinished pages shaded and scanned; just need to do the last round of Photoshop edits and get them posted and we’ll be all caught up.

I removed the post about Chezhnian’s losing her cat for the sake of archive readability, but if you would like to see her video of him brushing his face, it is still posted here for posterity.


Chapter 11 Page 44

No Comments

Thank you everyone for your condolences and sympathies (on the temporary previous update post). I have lost many cats over the years, but Ka was especially precious to me. I was present at the moment of his birth and we bonded over his first month of life as he and his littermates shared my bed. I have never met a cat with such a unique personality and one so willing to defy the laws of cathood for such undignified things as belly rubs and doing tricks for treats. I miss him greatly and I am glad for the time I had with him.

Lucky for me Eren was with me through all of the hardship, supporting me and lifting my spirits. I don’t know what I would do without him.

I thank you all, again, from the bottom of my heart. And now…back to your regularly scheduled comic page complete with more close ups of shirtless Nashua!


Chapter 11 Page 39


We know some people have issues with eyeballs, but they’re kind of the biggest target on these things… I tried to keep the squick toned down a little, at least.

And I’m sorry to be posting another inks-only page. I had some unexpected appointments come up this week… and the page took about five times longer to pencil than I was counting on. “Oh, no problem, finishing the pencils should take about another half hour.” Haah. I like archery, but Nashua’s bow is probably my least favorite thing in the comic to draw right now (along with ‘Nashua holding his bow’). Right above ‘Nashua’s tattoos’…

EDIT: Finished page is up.


Chapter 11 Page 37


Got a late start on this page – I’ll post the finished version later today. The good news is that I finally have the page layouts for the rest of the chapter (that’ve been giving me a lot of trouble) mostly worked out – looks like chapter 11 will be about 54 pages. The chapter 12 script is pretty much done but for last minute tweaking (and last-last-minute ‘wait, that doesn’t work, we need to rewrite this whole exchange!’, but for the most part I think we’re good).

It probably doesn’t help that I’m down to almost the end of my bottle of ink and my current pen nib’s getting worn down, which makes inking take longer because the ink doesn’t flow quite as smoothly, especially on fine detail work. I keep saying, “I can still get some mileage out of these… one more page, THEN I’ll open the new bottle and put in a new nib… ” but I think I need to give it up… come to think of it, I have a new plastic pen holder to replace my deteriorating wooden one, but I haven’t switched over to that one yet, either, just because I like the wood better…

EDIT: Finished page posted.


Chapter 11 Page 34


Here are the results of the character popularity poll from last week. We had 96 responses, and we deleted duplicate votes for the same character (if someone voted #1 Nashua, #2 Kip, #3 Nashua, for example, we didn’t count the #3 vote for Nashua).

#1 favorite character:
Varony – 45
Nashua – 32
Kip – 14
Ranon – 2
Talather – 1
Rais – 1
The wyrmlings – 1

Second favorite character:
Varony – 37
Nashua – 20
Kip – 20
Talather – 9
Ranon – 3
Leius – 2
Rais – 1
Serene -1
The cobra – 1

Third favorite character:
Talather – 20
Nashua – 18
Kip – 18
Ranon – 10
Varony – 7
Ka Nuu – 4
The cobra – 4
Lana – 3
The mother wyrm – 2
Rais – 1
Serene – 1

If we add up the totals to get the number of people who voted for each character (for any position):
Varony – 89
Nashua – 70
Kip – 52
Talather – 30
Ranon – 15
The cobra – 5
Ka Nuu – 4
Rais – 3
Lana – 3
Leius – 2
Serene – 2
The mother wyrm – 2
The wyrmlings – 1
Johlan – 0
Ashlar – 0
Captain Owings – 0
Chamberlain Grahm – 0

And if we add up the votes, weighted to take strength of preference into account (3 points for each #1 favorite vote, 2 points for each #2 favorite, 1 point for each #3 favorite), the order is largely the same until it gets down to the side characters who only got a few votes:
Varony – 216
Nashua – 154
Kip – 100
Talather – 41
Ranon – 22
Rais – 6
The cobra – 6
Leius – 4
Ka Nuu – 4
The wyrmlings – 3
Serene – 3
Lana – 3
The mother wyrm – 2
Johlan – 0
Ashlar – 0
Captain Owings – 0
Chamberlain Grahm – 0

We weren’t too surprised that the main party got most of the votes, but it was interesting to see how the numbers fell. The elder princes get no love, and neither does poor old Chamberlain Grahm… and the cobra is more popular than his bound companion (sorry, Captain, that’s what you get for having the elk killed[?]). We’ll have to poll again in another volume or so and see how the votes fall then.

In the meantime, if you guys have ideas for any other reader participation type stuff, let us know. I might do something fun with the poll results for the next update or so…


Chapter 11 Page 33

1 Comment

We’ve gotten a lot of responses for the favorite character poll we posted last update. I’ll leave the form open until midnight Sunday night EDT, so that we have time to tally the results to post with Tuesday’s page. If you haven’t voted yet, the form is here.

Varethane of Chirault sent us an awesome fan art of Varony – click here to see it! It’s also posted on the Art/Extras page.


Chapter 11 Page 32


Do you always ask so many questions at once?

The comments about favorite characters last update prompted us to make a quick character popularity poll, just for fun.

You can vote for your favorite characters here.

There are optional questions for second and third favorites, too.  We’ll tally up the votes and post the results next Tuesday. Any guesses as to who might win?


Chapter 11 Page 31


Let it be known that I filed a formal complaint with the Management about having to draw a village full of shirtless tattooed elves, but the Management (ie, Chezhnian) would hear none of it. Apparently SOME people prefer their elves half-naked and covered in design work, sigh.

Though mostly what’s taken so long is all the buildings – when I have to draw a scene with complicated architecture or interiors, I make a model of the whole thing in SketchUp so that I can keep everything consistent and in perspective, and use the model to trace the basic shapes of where stuff goes for the backgrounds (especially useful in cases like this, where the buildings aren’t aligned to a grid and you’ve got different vanishing points for every house).

Ironically, as soon as I posted the “I’m done with design and am working on pencils now” update on Tuesday, the last bit of my last piece of blue pencil lead broke. So I had to make a trip to the closest art store that carries it (about 40 minutes’ drive) to get more before I could do any more on the pencils (it’s been that kind of two weeks). It definitely turned out to be worth the trip, though… I got some pretty cool stuff besides the lead, like some soft pencils that are turning out to be WAY smoother to use than the ones I’ve been shading really dark areas with. Wish I’d found those, say, a chapter ago…

I’m about halfway through the shading, so I should be able to finish and post the page after work tonight.

Also, the teas for Indiegogo backers are ALMOST ready to go, so we should FINALLY be able to ship out the last few backer rewards next week! (I am really excited about this). There are still a few people who haven’t replied to emails to give us their shipping address updates and reward choices, so if you’re one of them, please let us know (tamurancomic(at)gmail). We want to get you your stuff!

(EDIT: Finished page is posted.)


Chapter 11 Page 30


In case anybody’s wondered about Varony’s “slasher smile” before, it’s not an “I’m going to enjoy murdering you” face, it’s an “I’m a scary predator, be afraid of me” face. Generally tree creature expressions translate reasonably well to human, and Varony’s observed enough to have a pretty fluent handle on the nuances that don’t, but that one’s kind of sticky. It seems to have the bonus of making humans think he’s ax-crazy, though, so more or less the same result…?

Unfortunately at this point it’s looking like I’m going to have delay the next page update till next Tuesday.  I’ll do my best to get it done for Friday, but between the labor-intensiveness of the scene and things going on at my day job, I don’t think there are going to be enough hours for it. It’s a lousy place to delay an update, I know… sorry about that.


Chapter 11 Page 28


Posting one more signal boost that our friend Liz Staley of Adrastus recently got hit with a sudden, expensive emergency room bill (that increases drastically if she doesn’t pay it all by the end of the month). So if you like supporting independent artists/writers, please check out her site and her store, or pass the link on and spread the word about her comic.


Chapter 11 Page 26


Just a note, Liz Staley of Adrastus recently found herself facing a steep, unexpected emergency room bill that she could really use a hand with… so please go check out her comic and maybe donate or buy something if you’re so inclined.  Besides her comics and novels, she’s got some pretty awesome parody stuff in her shop (Hello Kili or Muppet Avengers, anyone?). Either way, you should go read her comic – it’s a tribute to old-school giant robot anime, and it’s a lot of fun. :)


Chapter 11 Page 23


Pencils for now, as I’ve been sick all weekend. I have been working here and there on things that don’t require sitting at a drafting table, though, like planning page layouts for the rest of the chapter, sketching ideas for an unspeakably-long-overdue website overhaul, and writing with Chezhnian via laptop (Varony’s grandma meets the cobra! Fun times!) And also sleep, for a change. I hear that’s a good idea for most humans.

EDIT: Finished page is uploaded.


Chapter 11 Page 22


Tu Naul: Sparklier Than Vampires.

The right side of panel 3 was painted in black watercolor (along with some white acrylic ink). If you like you can vote on Top Webcomics to see the art without the text.

Shoutouts to two webcomic Kickstarters that are nearing the end of their campaigns:

Printing Book 1 of Sombulus, a light-hearted fantasy comic,

and Book 2 of Shadowbinders, a steampunk/fantasy adventure.

Both are great stories – go check them out!


Chapter 11 Page 20


Those fabled dragon hoards in all the stories?  Unsuspecting forest creatures’ lunch money.
(Actually some of the wyrms in this setting have the traditional penchant for hoarding, but it tends to be for magical things rather than plain old shiny objects.)

Does anyone recall where the Black Dragon’s been mentioned in the comic before? I think this is the first specific mention of the White Dragon, but you’ve seen some White Dragon priests in an earlier chapter.