Chapter 9 Page 33


…end chapter 9.

Last call for questions to be answered via sketch comics for the between-chapter updates next week. You can send questions for the characters to tamurancomic(at)gmail(dot)com.. or post them in the comments if you’d like. We’ll take questions until Monday.

And an update on the status of the print books: we received our proof copy, but apparently some of our files didn’t want to play nice with the printers’ equipment. At the moment they’re working on figuring out what the problem is.  We’ll keep you posted on how things are going.


Chapter 9 Page 32


Only one more page to go in this chapter.  We’re going to start posting chapter 10 on the 21st, since it took us so long to get the script finalized, and I am still working on storyboarding.  In the meantime, send us some questions for the characters to answer, and we’ll post sketch comics of the answers for next week’s updates. We reserve the right to not answer or to be irritatingly vague when it comes to spoilers, of course. :P You can send questions to tamurancomic(at)gmail(dot)com.

Since people were bringing it up in the comments (and, forgive me, I’m not sure whether you were joking or not)… on the previous page, Ranon was just taking his own sword, bow, and quiver and going to the top of the bluff that overlooks their campsite to take watch (see page 30). If it’s seriously still confusing some people when you read through the whole scene, I’ll see about redrawing those last two panels to make what’s going on more obvious. I want to make sure this scene reads well.

EDIT: added Nashua’s swords in panel 4 of page 31. It might be a little hard to see, but hopefully it makes more sense now. Thanks for the input!


Chapter 9 Page 27


If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen that we’ve sent our Book 1 files off to the printers. Indiegogo backers, we’ll be sending out emails soon to touch base and give you a look at some of the things that went into making the books.

We found out that we’ve been accepted into the Artist Alley at Otakon this year. We’ve also been accepted into the Small Press Expo – we hope to see some of you at those conventions!


Chapter 9 Page 25


If you haven’t visited the site since Tuesday, be sure to click back to read the extra Wednesday update page.

I really like the three-page-per-week update schedule, but we’re still working on the Chapter 10 final script right now and I don’t want to run out of Ch9 pages before we’re ready to go with the next chapter, so we’ll be going back to Tuesday/Friday updates for now. I am aiming to go up to three pages per week eventually if all goes well, as we have a LOT of story to tell. :)

We answered a new question on Formspring (which may or may not be shutting down, apparently) – you can go here to read it.


Chapter 9 Page 22

No Comments

Comic updates next week will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We’re just about finished with the final edits and last pieces of artwork for the book (FINALLY), so I’m going to try it as an experiment. We’re still in the middle of rewriting and editing parts of Chapter 10, so I don’t want to get too far ahead just yet, depending how much working and reworking we’re going to have to do with the script before I can start drawing pages. But for now: three pages next week. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, I re-uploaded the Tamuran comic trailer video to Youtube without the pitch for the Book 1 Indiegogo campaign. So if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can watch it here. If you have already seen it, pass it on to your friends. :)


Chapter 9 Page 19


We’re back from Zenkaikon.  I sat out Friday’s convention to stay home and get some more work done on Book 1, and the Artists’ Alley was only open for dealers’ room hours, so it seems like the con went by really fast.  Our table was facing a window, which was nice, and our new business cards seemed to go over pretty well – I am already plotting revisions for our next batch.  Besides our friends from Technoangel Studios and Snow by Night, we got to meet and chat with Stefanie of the comic Lost Nova, which was pretty awesome.  And our table neighbors were Amber and Robert of Clouded Poetry Creations, who make some very cute art (go check out their page) and were a lot of fun to hang out with all weekend.  All in all, not bad for trying out a new convention.

To new readers who found us at Zenkaikon, welcome, and we hope you enjoy the comic!


Chapter 9 Page 18


Somebody should probably tell him that defusing the situation with humor doesn’t work quite as well when you have huge claws and big pointy teeth…

I hate to do this, but we’re going to pause comic page updates for the next few update days.  I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting Book 1 ready for print and keeping up with (and catching up on) comic updates amidst all the other stuff – outside work, conventions, and other things that have been going on – and we’re long overdue on getting these books finished and sent off.  So I need to take some time to focus on getting things sorted out and finishing and polishing the books. Chezhnian’s got some of her own Tamuran art lined up to post, so check back on update days to see it – I’m fairly sure Nashua won’t live some of it down.

Regular comic pages will resume on the 26th.  Thanks for your patience, guys.


Chapter 9 Page 17


Sorry for the unfinished page – I think I redrew just about everything on it three or four times before I was remotely happy with it. I’ll post the finished version (and scan the finished p16) later today. And they don’t show up too well in this version, but there are magicky Tu Naul sparklies around the dog in the next to last panel – they get inked in white after the shading is finished.

(EDIT: Finished page posted)


Chapter 9 Page 16


Having some technical difficulties getting the finished page scanned, so here are the pencils for now. Look for the shaded page to be posted this afternoon.
(EDIT: Finished page is up now.)

For those of you who contributed to our Book 1 print funding campaign, we’ll be sending out an update later this week, with a status update and a preview of some of the new extra artwork.

And it looks like ComicMix is having their annual March Madness webcomics tournament, and Tamuran is on the list of potential competitors – if you have a second, please go vote for us and your favorite comics!


Chapter 9 Page 13


Yet another Katsucon has passed and it seems like I was just writing the report for 2012. The con went well. We sold preorders of the first volume, and the angry elk were a big hit.  This year was a little different as Eren joined the Anime Orchestra and played first chair French horn.  Check out the concert  here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLySW49drEvQeAXfuKL81-SW_9H0CW9aSO

Unfortunately , we didn’t get to hang out with all of our awesome artist friends as much as we wanted to as the artist alley was decently busy and orchestra practice was rather on the early side so we packed it in early every night, but we definitely made sure to make the rounds to everyone’s tables to say hello. Here are just a few of the stellar artists and creative teams we got to hang out with in the Artist Alley: Jen Zyren Smith creator of LaSalle’sLegacy, Eric and Brittany of Snow By Night,  Greyliliy of Wiglaf and Mordred and her brother, Monica, Dave and Rachael of Tangent  Artists,  Laura and Andrew of Technoangel Studios, Eldanis, Megami Jadeheart and Kat, and the team of Demon Fart Cabbage Studio.

Few other amusing things of note that happened over the weekend… I bought a long black wig with the intent of using it to cosplay Asami Sato from Legend of Korra and when I tried it on I realized that it was completely perfect Kip hair (check our facebook page for a pic of the wig which I picked up from The Five Wits) So possibly at some time I may just have to make a Kip cosplay. XD  Also Sunday morning  as Laura of Technoangel Studio and I were on our way to the AA room, we noticed apparently that the huge glass atrium of the hotel was full of smoke. Upon closer inspection by myself, it appeared that all the smoke was coming from a smoldering patch of landscaping  that looked to have been freshly mulched… I am inclined to blame the mulch for starting itself into near flames…as most con goers  were still snug in their beds at that time. So yeah… the hotel was nearly on fire and we smelled like a bonfire for part of the day.  Still… it was exciting.

We’d like to say thank you to all our friends and readers that stopped by our table for a chat or just to say hello and welcome to all  the new faces and new readers who discovered us for the first time!

The Tamuran Artist Alley table at Katsucon

The Tamuran Artist Alley table at Katsucon (minus artists)


Chapter 9 Page 11


Just the rough inks for now, as we’re running out the door to head to Katsucon. Click back to the previous update for details and a map to show you where to find us at the con.

For those interested in the comic-making process, this is basically the extent of the inking that I do with a dip pen and ink. After this I’ll go in with micron pens to add textures and make some of the lines thicker to define contour and shadow better, and use a brush pen to fill in Kip’s hair.  Then it’ll all get shaded with pencils and scanned back in.

See you at the convention – and if not, see you with a new page and the finished version of this one on Tuesday!

(EDIT: Finished page uploaded.)


Chapter 9 Page 10


We’re going to be at Katsucon this weekend – stop by and say hello! Here’s where you can find us:

Tamuran's location in the Katsucon Artists' Alley

Click to see a larger view. We're at table E-15.

I’ll also be playing in the Symphonic Anime Orchestra, so come check out the concert on Sunday at 1:30. We’ll be playing arrangements of pieces from various anime and video games, and one from Homestuck (yeah webcomics!)

Also in attendance in the Artists’ Alley will be comics and artists such as Lasalle’s Legacy, Snow by Night, Technoangel Studios, Tangent Artists, Eldanis, and Megami Jadeheart.  Just in case you needed even more incentive to attend. :)


Chapter 9 Page 09


Hopefully this page alleviates some of the confusion about who’s who and who knows what – you may want to take another look at page 4 of the chapter.  And if it’s still confusing, let us know.

I did some guest fanart for Jen over at LaSalle’s Legacy, which she’s featuring this update – head over to her site and take a look.  And check out her comic for intriguing characters, a highly detailed and original fantasy setting, pirates, tall ships, and the most adorable skeleton you will ever see.  Some very interesting plot twists have just been revealed, so you’ll want to catch up quickly to be ready to find out where they’re going.  Definitely a highly-recommended comic.


Chapter 9 Page 07


To answer speculations: no, horsemanship is generally not part of standard Tu Naul curriculum. Especially for Morphyx, who are probably not going to be in a shape built for conventional riding anytime in their early careers… or, if not bound, will be able to turn into a horse (or something more convenient) themselves if they need to get somewhere in a hurry.

All credit for “sons of goats and leeches” goes to Chan/Tressyem, Kip’s player.  Best line in the whole chapter.

(Sorry for the late page. Events and things in my town mean my work schedule for this weekend is crazy. Next page will hopefully have no delay, unless I end up getting scheduled for more time than I’m expecting.)


Chapter 9 Page 06


Thanks to our commenters for the input on the book cover. It’s a pretty important thing to get right, considering that it will be representing the entire book and its artwork, and in some cases probably the comic as a whole. I redrew and shaded the creature spine and pasted/cloned it in, then tweaked it till it looked right – ie, where I could find a good compromise between composition and character model accuracy.  You can see the updated version of the pencil-shaded component here.  Now I basically need to re-paint that area of the image and re-color the new linework to match the rest of the painting.  We’re still working on fixing up the books, but we’ll be back into posting comic pages now.



Chapter 9 Page 05


Thanks for all the responses on the last page.  A lot of you guys are very observant.  Yes, the messenger is Ranon – he first showed up in chapter 5, and then briefly in chapter 6.  If you weren’t sure or don’t remember him very well, don’t worry – it’ll be clarified as the chapter progresses. We just wondered whether all the readers would be generally on the same page at this point, so to speak.  We realize that the webcomic format means that people won’t necessarily remember things that happened in parts of the story that were posted years ago. Sometimes we’ll link back to previous scenes in the update post if a comic page is directly referencing something that we’re pretty sure most people won’t remember, but if there’s any subtlety or puzzling things out involved, we won’t spoil it for you.

Tamuran is definitely designed (and paced out) to be read as a book, rather than one page or a chapter at a time, so if you want to get the most out of the story an archive trawl once in a while may be a good idea.  You might notice that some details and bits of dialogue have different connotations or implications than they did when you read through the first time. ;) Though hopefully the story won’t be too confusing for people who aren’t fond of rereading, either.

Just a note, Friday’s update this week will be art rather than a comic page, as we’ve been busy getting our Volume 1 books ready to send off to the printers.


Chapter 9 Page 04


Well, sure, if you want to DEFUSE the situation…

We’re curious – going by the comic pages alone (and not any outside artwork or comments or anything), how obvious is (or isn’t) the messenger’s identity? We hadn’t meant to obfuscate it too much, but we weren’t sure, from a reader’s perspective, whether everyone’s catching on or not.


Chapter 9: The Royal Messenger


Happy 2013!  Sorry about the late page – got caught up in unexpected family stuff yesterday, and when I could finally sit down to finish the page it was one technical difficulty after another.

If you weren’t around and missed the winter/holiday wallpapers, you can download them here (#1) and here (#2).  I’ll put them up on the Extras page when I get a moment.

Just a note, we’ve had to cancel our Artist Alley appearance at this coming Ohayocon.  We’re really sad to do so – Ohayocon was one of our favorite shows last year.  Hopefully next year circumstances will allow us to go.  Our next show will be Katsucon in February – we hope to see some of you there!

And on another note, Tania Richter‘s Kickstarter to publish her fantasy novel is down to its last days. Go check it out!

From me and Chezhnian, here’s wishing everyone a fantastic new year!