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End chapter 8!

We have just under a week left for our Indiegogo campaign to print Book 1, and we’re 58% of the way to our goal. We are extremely grateful to everyone who’s contributed to the campaign, both monetarily and by passing it along.  We know that this is a very busy – and expensive – time of year for a lot of people; we’d planned to hold the campaign earlier in November, but unexpected delays and technical difficulties prevented that from happening.  So we definitely appreciate all the support we’ve received!

To all our readers, we could REALLY use your help to spread the word as we’re getting into the final campaign countdown. If you’ve enjoyed the comic so far, please let people know!  We can only reach so far on our own… a quick tweet or a post on Facebook would be invaluable to us. Thank you, as always, for reading!  You guys are awesome.

We’re going to be taking a break from posting pages while we finish preparing the books for print and get things ready to go for the next chapter.  We’ll resume with Chapter 9 on Tuesday, January 1, just in time for the comic’s third anniversary.  In the meantime, we’ll be posting artwork and maybe a holiday present or two for you guys, so be sure to check in on update days!


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It’s getting close to the last week of our Indiegogo campaign to print Book 1. We just added two new perks that you can donate for: crocheted Talathers and Tamuran character-themed teas.  I work at a shop that specializes in organic herbs and teas, and Chezhnian used to work there, so we both had some fun coming up with unique tea blends to represent each character. Head over to the Indiegogo project page to see the descriptions of each tea.  If you’ve already contributed and would like some of the teas, you can ‘upgrade’ your perk to include one or more of them (just add $5 per tea and send us a note to let us know).  Unfortunately we can’t offer the Talathers as an extra upgrade since we only have a limited quantity available, but you can send us a note to change your perk if you decide you want one (see Indiegogo’s help center article on changing your perk).

Have a look:

Thank you once again to everyone for all the support you’ve given us in this campaign.  I think we can make it!


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Added an update to the Indiegogo campaign about our stretch goal – which, if we make it there, will involve drawing a print-only side story whose topic will be selected (from several choices) by campaign contributors.  You can read the update post for specific details, and give us feedback and suggestions if you like.  I hope we make it – it’d be fun to give readers a closer look at some aspect of the world of Tamuran, and we may end up answering a few of the backstory questions you’ve been asking that may not be directly addressed in the main comic.


Chapter 8 Page 36


fun fact: Lastre anduatha are 90% fur.  And 10% sunshine (statistics may not be entirely accurate).
Varony is still not fond of small spaces or being in them.  He’s better about it when he’s not human, though.

also I am mildly dyslexic, and realized that I have been drawing Nashua’s bow backwards in most of the panels it’s appeared in this chapter.  This is almost guaranteed to happen at one point or another anytime I have to draw asymmetrical objects from different angles.  I’ll be correcting it on page 35 and the rest, later… luckily the bow will be pretty easy to fix.

We’re about halfway through our Indiegogo campaign to fund the printing of Book 1, and only 37% of the way to our goal.  Please check out the campaign, if you haven’t yet, and consider contributing or helping us to spread the word!  Thank you so much to those of you who have been doing just that.  We very much appreciate the support, whether it’s monetary or not… and we certainly appreciate all of you coming back to read our comic every week. :)


Chapter 8 Page 35


Out of the tunnels, just in time for page 250 of the comic. :)

Good luck to all of you who are looking down the home stretch of NaNoWriMo!  In celebration (or maybe consolation, as the case may be), we’re offering a bonus on our Indiegogo campaign: everyone who contributes $15 or more on Friday or Saturday (ending December 1, 11:59pm EST) gets a free mini-commission added to their perks.  Click here for details.


Chapter 8 Page 34


oh yeah. That “matter of life and death” thing he was on about. How important can THAT possibly be?

We hope everyone had a great holiday (or, for those outside the US, a great weekend)! Another reminder, as people get back from vacation, about that big banner thing in the right sidebar – please check out our campaign to print chapters 1-7, if you haven’t yet!  We realize that the campaign is badly timed, falling right into holiday shopping season – we’d wanted to run it earlier, but had to push it back due to some technical things.  Thus we definitely need your help on this – especially in getting the word out about our campaign (and our comic).  So if you’re enjoying the story, please tell a friend, tweet (or RT) about the campaign, share it on Facebook, or otherwise let people know what we’re doing here.  It would be immensely helpful to us, and we would be eternally grateful!

New Top Webcomics vote incentive is the sketch for my Webcomics Tarot submission for Tamuran, which I am currently finishing up painting, and which will be one of the prints available in the book printing campaign incentives.

Have a great week, guys!


Chapter 8 Page 33


Happy slightly belated Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States – hope your holiday is going well!  Chezhnian and I are definitely thankful to have such awesome readers, and to have the opportunity to share our story with all of you.  As always, thank you for reading!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out our Indiegogo campaign to get Volume 1 books printed.  It got off to a hazy start (technical problems, upload problems, general internet connection problems.. and I think the Indiegogo site was down for parts of Wednesday), but everything should be up and functioning now, including our trailer video.  If you’re thinking about ordering a Volume 1 book at some point, consider doing it during the campaign – you’ll essentially be getting free shipping (or reduced shipping, if you aren’t in the US).  And just a note – three out of seven of the crocheted elk have already been claimed, so if you want one it may be an idea to pledge soon.

Many thanks to those of you who’ve contributed already, and to those who have helped out by spreading the word!  We’re very grateful for your support!


Chapter 8 Page 32


After MANY technical difficulties and delays, we are FINALLY (just about) good to go!  The big announcement from last week, as some of you know, is that today we’re launching our Indiegogo campaign to help us fund the printing of Tamuran Book 1.  If you’d like to preorder the book, or help us out in any way, go take a look.  We’re still having some trouble with the comic trailer video that we made for the campaign, so it’s not posted yet, but it should be up a bit later today. (edit: it’s up now!)  Even if you’re not interested in getting a book, you should definitely head over to watch the trailer once it’s up (many many thanks to my brother for his expert Flash-wrangling skills, by the way!).  If you like what you see, maybe consider passing word on to a friend.  It would help us out immensely.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you’ve given us so far, and as always, thank you for reading!

EDIT: Trailer video is now up – go check it out!


Chapter 8 Page 31


Just so you guys know, I was mostly joking about the Standard Epic Fantasy Quest in the last update post – not apologizing for our choice of story to tell or anything like that.  Thank you anyway for all the comments and encouragement, and the discussion on writing (good luck to all of you NaNoers! I am sad not to be among you this year). Honestly I’m a big fan of the ‘people go on an epic journey to accomplish some highly important goal’ category of fantasy fiction – there are so many potential directions to take the story (and the readers.  One of my favorite parts of reading has always been to go on that journey with the characters, both their external geographical journey and their internal ones), and there are so many variables that can make the story wildly different from other examples of the same subgenre.  Chezhnian and I are both very glad that you’re enjoying our take on the traditional(?) fantasy epic as much as we have been, and we’re really excited to bring the rest of our story to you (four years’ worth of writing so far – you have no idea how agonizing it is sometimes not to be able to share artwork or story blurbs of the more recent events and characters with you. XD)  Innumerable thanks to all of you for coming along with us on the road.

And for some update  news: I know it’s getting close to a holiday break for a lot of you, but make sure to check back here on Tuesday for a SUPER SPECTACULARLY AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWESOME. Really, we mean it (if you couldn’t tell from the bolded caps and hyperbole there). It involves comics and dead trees and goodies up for grabs and possibly ELK. Oh the elk. D:

See you on Tuesday!


Chapter 8 Page 30



It may sound like a Standard Epic Fantasy Quest, but don’t give up on us just yet. ;)

I don’t want to say too much yet, but hopefully soon we’ll have some news for you regarding preorders/an Indiegogo campaign for the Volume 1 trade paperbacks (chapters 1-7).  At the moment we’re waiting on some paperwork to go through.  But I will say that in the meantime we’ve been working on a pretty cool (imho) Tamuran trailer video to go with it, complete with a re-edited and re-recorded version of one of Chezhnian’s original soundtrack compositions, and I cannot wait to show it to you guys.  :D


Chapter 8 Page 29


Ok… So Nekocon is just plain awesome. We’re back and once again had a spectacular time! If you’ve never gone to Nekocon and just happen to be in the area of say … the east coast of the US on the first weekend of November, we highly recommend going. This year was a little different for us as we actually had two panels! Which of course was awesome and tons of fun especially since we got to share them with Greyliliy the creator of Wiglaf & Mordred and Eric Menge and Brittany Michel of Snow by Night. Though the webcomics teamwork panel we and Snow By Night did was apparently never added to the schedule and the panel room wasn’t even marked… so we kinda had a ninja panel, but it turned out pretty well in the end.

What REALLY made the Con truly special however was meeting a good number more readers than last year. THANK YOU so much everyone who stopped by! You made our con! The other really great thing about this Nekocon that was particularly excellent was that we were tabled close to so many fantastic artists and able to hang out with them all at once! Check out our Facebook page Friday evening for pics of our gatherings. ( I would have posted them earlier but this has been an incredibly busy week. So hooray it’s almost over!) And randomly, thank you, to restaurants willing to stay open a whole hour and a half past their closing time to seat a starving artists’ party of 16. ( the AA didn’t close til 10pm >.> )

Said party of 16 included….  artists and creators from Snow by Night, Technoangel Studios, Tangent Artists, Wiglaf & Mordred (Liliy and her brother) and Demon Fart Cabbage Studio, and Eldanis and Ribbit (AA head of Anime Weekend Atlanta).

So that’s pretty much it… panels, meeting readers and fans (you guys are awesome!), and hanging out with fabulous artists. You can all sigh in relief that I didn’t just write a half a page long post this time XD…. oh crap… I kinda did. >.>


As always, THANK YOU so very much again, to EVERYONE, for reading and commenting and stopping to say hello at our tables.  We really appreciate it…after all it’s much more fun to share a story than keep it all to one’s self.


Chapter 8 Page 28


Yes.. this is the king being brief.

We debated for a while whether to use the full-length version of his letter or whether to cut out the personal addresses in the interest of conciseness and, y’know, not making you guys read all that text.  But I think they need to be there: it says a lot about the Patriarch, what he chooses to do with the time he has when he knows there’s none to waste.

Look for a Nekocon report from Chezhnian on Friday!  Hello and welcome, to any new readers that met us there!


Chapter 8 Page 26


Check back tomorrow for a Halloween picture – provided our power doesn’t go out. So far so good, though our internet was down for a while just now. To everyone else in the path of the storm: stay safe, and take care. Here’s hoping all is well with you.

If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be in the Artists’ Alley at Nekocon this weekend. We’re doing two panels:

Writing for Long Format Webcomics – 9:30-11am Saturday in Panel 2. We’ll be joined by Liliy of Wiglaf and Mordred (who just released her new book, Children of Hephaestus, which you should also check out!)

Writer-Artist Teamwork for Webcomics – 12-1pm Sunday in Panel 4, along with Eric and Brittany of Snow by Night. Note that this panel isn’t on the website schedule yet.

You can view the full convention panel schedule here.

See you there!

And randomly… happy birthday to Nashua!


Chapter 8 Page 22


We just got confirmation that we will be in the Katsucon Artist Alley again this February – so if you’re planning to attend Katsucon, come by and see us!  We’ve also submitted an application for Zenkaikon, so hopefully we’ll make it into that one, too – if we get in, it’ll be our first time at that convention. We’ll keep you posted on that.


Chapter 8 Page 19


Healing potions like this exist in the setting of Tamuran, but they are extremely rare and very expensive – only the most highly skilled wizards and alchemists are able to make them properly.  They are also REALLY rough on your system, and if you’re in too weakened a state they’re more likely to kill you than patch you up.


Chapter 8 Page 18


Sorry, guys, looks like you’ve already missed most of the coup…

Chezhnian would like me to point out that she uploaded a photo of her spider from last update post’s spider interlude to Facebook.  I got to see it this time; it was indeed an impressive spider.

Thank you for the printing survey responses!  The survey is still open, if you haven’t taken it yet. To answer some of the questions and comments we’ve gotten…:

- Several people suggested including a map in the books.  We are definitely planning to have maps, most likely at the front of the book like in prose fantasy novels.  ‘Cause maps are awesome.

- Will we ship overseas? Yes, and we’ll TRY to keep the cost as low as possible.

- What will the cover look like? I’m currently working on that – tossing around several possibilities. I’ll post sketches when I’ve gotten further with the art.

- Yes, we’ll most likely have a pdf version of the volume available to buy from the website.

- Someone propped the idea of having a fold-out poster inserted in the books as an extra.  We won’t be doing that for these volumes, but when we get further in the story we want to release a hardcover art book/encyclopedia for the setting, sort of like a D&D sourcebook or Spiderwick’s Field Guide, and we will probably be looking into it for that – maybe for a fold-out map.  As for actual posters, I need to get some drawn up and printed for conventions… then when we get our website store up and running they’ll be up for sale there, too.

- Will we be coming back to Katsucon or Anime USA?  We won’t be at AUSA in 2012, but if our application is approved we will be at Katsucon in February, and we’re planning to have Volume 1 books by then.  We’d like to branch out and try some new conventions this year – more on that as we get things finalized.

- We got a suggestion to update the vote incentive more often.  I should have more art to do that with pretty soon.  Putting up a preview panel from the next page seemed to be pretty effective as far as votes go, but I don’t really like the way it can skew your perspective and expectations for what’s coming…

- And finally, someone sent a question that was plot-related rather than printing-related: “When is Nashua going to be able to understand Varony when he’s in his Hound form?”  Answer: Never, at least not like Kip does.  Varony’s not really equipped to pronounce Atrandial/”Common” in that form – at least not in a way that’s easily intelligible. Right now Kip is using her telepathic ability to keep a “channel” open between herself and Varony so that he can speak to her and she can translate for him… when she feels like it.  Neither Nashua nor Varony has any sort of telepathy or magical communication, so without Kip they’re pretty much stuck playing charades or writing in the dirt or something along those lines.  It’s kind of inconvenient. :P

On that note, for general questions about the plot/characters/comic, I’ll point people in the direction of our Formspring page.  Feel free to ask us questions there anytime.


Chapter 8 Page 17


We are getting the first volume of the comic ready to print and we have a small 3-question survey to help us decide on what to include in book. Please take a minute or two to fill it out even if you aren’t planning on buying a book. If you ARE planning on buying a book… Hooray! We want to hear from you too.  Thanks!

Back and MOSTLY recovered from the con weekend. XD  This is our third year attending Intervention and as always we had a great time!  Onezumi and Harknell and all their staff pulled off another awesome event! As always, thank you guys!

Intervention is one of the greatest place to learn about how to get that edgy plot that’s been rattling around in your head into a reality.  You can also meet creators of great comics and find new and exciting things to read.  We picked up some great reads like LaSalle’s Legacy Vol. 2 and Ianua Chapter 1 and attended an awesome panel on elevator pitches with Eric Menge of Snow by Night, Elaine Corvidae of Riven Sol, and Jen Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy.  We also got to— and HOLY crap! a HUGE …I mean HUGE wolf spider just appeared out from behind my desk lamp.  This spider is bigger than a 1″x1″ button and came straight for me. I managed to get it onto the comic script before it vaulted to the floor and took off. I love spiders but hell… that sucker was huge and is somewhere loose in my room.  >.>

…Anyway… We got the chance to sit on panels with Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance and the teams of Skin Horse and Guilded Age and hang out with good friends Megami Jadeheart, Jen Zyren Smith, Technoangel Studios and the Snow by Night team, and chatted with Liz Staley of Adrastus and her husband Byron who interviewed us for his gamers’ podcast, Rho Pi Gamma.  I also got zombified and went to a dance… there is probably a pic of me floating around…SOMEwhere. XP

We uploaded a photo of our table at Intervention onto Tamuran’s Facebook page. Take a look. For pics with us actually IN them visit Snow by Night’s Facebook gallery.  Can you find us?


Chapter 8 Page 14


Intervention is this weekend!  Rockville, MD, at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville. We’ll be in the Artists’ Alley and talking on panels all weekend.

You can find us here:

And we’ll be speaking on these panels:

3pm – World Building 101 (Chezhnian and Eren)

10am – Writing for Fantasy Stories (Chezhnian and Eren)

11am – Writing and Creating Three Dimensional Characters (Chezhnian)
12pm – The Artist/Writer relationship (Chezhnian and Eren)

You can see the full programming schedule here.
Intervention is a really awesome con, and there are a LOT of amazing artists and other creative types signed up this year.  We hope to see some of you guys there!


Chapter 8 Page 12-13


Two-page spread – click the link just below the image to see it full-sized.

We’ve finally put up a Project Wonderful ad space on the site – so if you’re using an ad blocker, we’d appreciate it if you’d disable it for this site.  We’re planning to do some more advertising, ourselves, and see if we can get a little more visibility for the comic.  We’ll see how it goes.


Chapter 8 Page 11


Sigh, so much name-calling going on.  As if Kip calling him “thing” wasn’t bad enough…

There are many creatures living deep in the Old Wood that no one outside the forests have ever encountered, and no one save maybe scholars have even heard of… Lastre anduatha are just one species, and there are deep areas of the Old Wood where even THEY think twice about venturing. You’ll be seeing more creatures of the Old Wood later in the story, of course – lastre among others.  And yes, Nashua knows what lastre anduatha are… but not what Varony is – sorry, guys. :)


Chapter 8 Page 10


no, Kip, you can’t dissect him.

Intervention is almost here – September 21-23, at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville.  We (along with lots of incredible artists and creators of all kinds) will be vending in the Artists Alley and speaking on a number of panels – this year ours are “World Building 101,” “Writing for Fantasy Comics,” “The Artist/Writer Relationship,” and Chezhnian will be on the “Writing and Creating Three-Dimensional Characters” panel.  I’ll post a map and our finalized schedule listing a bit closer to the con, but for now you can find the AA map here and the programming schedule here.


Chapter 8 Page 09


The scene that inspired our ad banner and business card design. :D

Tamuran now has a Facebook page!  You can get update notifications there, as well as behind-the-scenes stuff from time to time.  Chezhnian will be maintaining the page and posting things, apart from notices cross-posted from Twitter.  Go check it out!

Also, since we’ve been getting asked about it so often… Yes, Kip’s cat form has no tail, or at least a really short one.  She turns into a Manx cat, or the Tamuran equivalent of the breed.. probably because she heard about them and thought they were cool.  That’s all it is.  :)


Chapter 8 Page 07


Oh hey, today is our fourth anniversary of writing for the comic – the first chat session is dated August 28, 2008. So happy birthday Tamuran!  At the point we’re currently at in the writing, the story has spanned about three in-character months and has a much larger cast with several different interwoven story threads. We can’t wait to share it all with you guys. :D

Thank you, as always, for reading!


Chapter 8 Page 06


it’s the worst plan HE’s ever seen, too.
She gets off without a rotting curse this time.  Let’s hope that luck of hers holds…

Fun note about how this scene was written: when we played it out in the original RP session, Kip’s player (Tressyem/Chan) was pretty much in the dark about everything.  I sent Varony’s actions to the storyteller (Chezhnian) via private chat, and she rephrased them in the group chat – so Chan didn’t know for sure whether this was Varony or a storyteller-controlled monster, and she had no idea what he would do.  So, yep, there was no orchestration of character actions in this scene – just pure Kip impulsiveness. And I’m guessing a supreme confidence in her cat-reflexes and ability to get out of there if things went wrong…


Chapter 8 Page 02


Thanks for the input on the last page, guys.  It’s always helpful to see how people are reading things and what they’re thinking in the process – while we’re not going to change the story, it does help us to see which parts might not read as clearly as we were expecting, what bits of dialogue might need refining, what points and details might need a little extra focus.  I think that’s one of the great things about webcomics as a medium – the ability to get audience feedback during the creation process.


Chapter 8: The End and the Beginning


Back with Chapter 8!  You can see a bigger version of this page without the text in my deviantArt gallery here.

I’m having trouble getting my image gallery plugin to display the way I want it to, so I’ve left the guest art posts in the comic archive for now. So if you haven’t checked the site in the last two weeks and missed all the awesome artwork that readers have submitted, be sure to click back and take a look! Just a heads-up, I’ll be tweaking the gallery and some of the other site pages over the next week or so, so if you experience any browsing weirdness, that’s probably why. That or space weasels. I won’t rule anything out.

In response to comments about the Tamuran OST project, we will definitely be making the album available to buy once we have the songs finished and recorded.  We’re glad you like Chezh’s work on it so far – thank you!

Also, the Webcomics Tarot Project has opened up a lot of cards, so if you’re a webcomic creator you might want to check it out.  It’s a fun project and a great opportunity for comic promotion. And if you’re a webcomics fan, go look at all the shiny artwork that’s been posted so far!