Chapter 9: The Royal Messenger

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Happy 2013!  Sorry about the late page – got caught up in unexpected family stuff yesterday, and when I could finally sit down to finish the page it was one technical difficulty after another.

If you weren’t around and missed the winter/holiday wallpapers, you can download them here (#1) and here (#2).  I’ll put them up on the Extras page when I get a moment.

Just a note, we’ve had to cancel our Artist Alley appearance at this coming Ohayocon.  We’re really sad to do so – Ohayocon was one of our favorite shows last year.  Hopefully next year circumstances will allow us to go.  Our next show will be Katsucon in February – we hope to see some of you there!

And on another note, Tania Richter‘s Kickstarter to publish her fantasy novel is down to its last days. Go check it out!

From me and Chezhnian, here’s wishing everyone a fantastic new year!