Chapter 9 Page 32

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Only one more page to go in this chapter.  We’re going to start posting chapter 10 on the 21st, since it took us so long to get the script finalized, and I am still working on storyboarding.  In the meantime, send us some questions for the characters to answer, and we’ll post sketch comics of the answers for next week’s updates. We reserve the right to not answer or to be irritatingly vague when it comes to spoilers, of course. :P You can send questions to tamurancomic(at)gmail(dot)com.

Since people were bringing it up in the comments (and, forgive me, I’m not sure whether you were joking or not)… on the previous page, Ranon was just taking his own sword, bow, and quiver and going to the top of the bluff that overlooks their campsite to take watch (see page 30). If it’s seriously still confusing some people when you read through the whole scene, I’ll see about redrawing those last two panels to make what’s going on more obvious. I want to make sure this scene reads well.

EDIT: added Nashua’s swords in panel 4 of page 31. It might be a little hard to see, but hopefully it makes more sense now. Thanks for the input!