Chapter 9 Page 19

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We’re back from Zenkaikon.  I sat out Friday’s convention to stay home and get some more work done on Book 1, and the Artists’ Alley was only open for dealers’ room hours, so it seems like the con went by really fast.  Our table was facing a window, which was nice, and our new business cards seemed to go over pretty well – I am already plotting revisions for our next batch.  Besides our friends from Technoangel Studios and Snow by Night, we got to meet and chat with Stefanie of the comic Lost Nova, which was pretty awesome.  And our table neighbors were Amber and Robert of Clouded Poetry Creations, who make some very cute art (go check out their page) and were a lot of fun to hang out with all weekend.  All in all, not bad for trying out a new convention.

To new readers who found us at Zenkaikon, welcome, and we hope you enjoy the comic!