Chapter 9 Page 18

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Somebody should probably tell him that defusing the situation with humor doesn’t work quite as well when you have huge claws and big pointy teeth…

I hate to do this, but we’re going to pause comic page updates for the next few update days.  I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting Book 1 ready for print and keeping up with (and catching up on) comic updates amidst all the other stuff – outside work, conventions, and other things that have been going on – and we’re long overdue on getting these books finished and sent off.  So I need to take some time to focus on getting things sorted out and finishing and polishing the books. Chezhnian’s got some of her own Tamuran art lined up to post, so check back on update days to see it – I’m fairly sure Nashua won’t live some of it down.

Regular comic pages will resume on the 26th.  Thanks for your patience, guys.