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Yet another Katsucon has passed and it seems like I was just writing the report for 2012. The con went well. We sold preorders of the first volume, and the angry elk were a big hit.  This year was a little different as Eren joined the Anime Orchestra and played first chair French horn.  Check out the concert  here:

Unfortunately , we didn’t get to hang out with all of our awesome artist friends as much as we wanted to as the artist alley was decently busy and orchestra practice was rather on the early side so we packed it in early every night, but we definitely made sure to make the rounds to everyone’s tables to say hello. Here are just a few of the stellar artists and creative teams we got to hang out with in the Artist Alley: Jen Zyren Smith creator of LaSalle’sLegacy, Eric and Brittany of Snow By Night,  Greyliliy of Wiglaf and Mordred and her brother, Monica, Dave and Rachael of Tangent  Artists,  Laura and Andrew of Technoangel Studios, Eldanis, Megami Jadeheart and Kat, and the team of Demon Fart Cabbage Studio.

Few other amusing things of note that happened over the weekend… I bought a long black wig with the intent of using it to cosplay Asami Sato from Legend of Korra and when I tried it on I realized that it was completely perfect Kip hair (check our facebook page for a pic of the wig which I picked up from The Five Wits) So possibly at some time I may just have to make a Kip cosplay. XD  Also Sunday morning  as Laura of Technoangel Studio and I were on our way to the AA room, we noticed apparently that the huge glass atrium of the hotel was full of smoke. Upon closer inspection by myself, it appeared that all the smoke was coming from a smoldering patch of landscaping  that looked to have been freshly mulched… I am inclined to blame the mulch for starting itself into near flames…as most con goers  were still snug in their beds at that time. So yeah… the hotel was nearly on fire and we smelled like a bonfire for part of the day.  Still… it was exciting.

We’d like to say thank you to all our friends and readers that stopped by our table for a chat or just to say hello and welcome to all  the new faces and new readers who discovered us for the first time!

The Tamuran Artist Alley table at Katsucon

The Tamuran Artist Alley table at Katsucon (minus artists)