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Thanks for all the responses on the last page.  A lot of you guys are very observant.  Yes, the messenger is Ranon – he first showed up in chapter 5, and then briefly in chapter 6.  If you weren’t sure or don’t remember him very well, don’t worry – it’ll be clarified as the chapter progresses. We just wondered whether all the readers would be generally on the same page at this point, so to speak.  We realize that the webcomic format means that people won’t necessarily remember things that happened in parts of the story that were posted years ago. Sometimes we’ll link back to previous scenes in the update post if a comic page is directly referencing something that we’re pretty sure most people won’t remember, but if there’s any subtlety or puzzling things out involved, we won’t spoil it for you.

Tamuran is definitely designed (and paced out) to be read as a book, rather than one page or a chapter at a time, so if you want to get the most out of the story an archive trawl once in a while may be a good idea.  You might notice that some details and bits of dialogue have different connotations or implications than they did when you read through the first time. ;) Though hopefully the story won’t be too confusing for people who aren’t fond of rereading, either.

Just a note, Friday’s update this week will be art rather than a comic page, as we’ve been busy getting our Volume 1 books ready to send off to the printers.