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It’s getting close to the last week of our Indiegogo campaign to print Book 1. We just added two new perks that you can donate for: crocheted Talathers and Tamuran character-themed teas.  I work at a shop that specializes in organic herbs and teas, and Chezhnian used to work there, so we both had some fun coming up with unique tea blends to represent each character. Head over to the Indiegogo project page to see the descriptions of each tea.  If you’ve already contributed and would like some of the teas, you can ‘upgrade’ your perk to include one or more of them (just add $5 per tea and send us a note to let us know).  Unfortunately we can’t offer the Talathers as an extra upgrade since we only have a limited quantity available, but you can send us a note to change your perk if you decide you want one (see Indiegogo’s help center article on changing your perk).

Have a look:

Thank you once again to everyone for all the support you’ve given us in this campaign.  I think we can make it!