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Just so you guys know, I was mostly joking about the Standard Epic Fantasy Quest in the last update post – not apologizing for our choice of story to tell or anything like that.  Thank you anyway for all the comments and encouragement, and the discussion on writing (good luck to all of you NaNoers! I am sad not to be among you this year). Honestly I’m a big fan of the ‘people go on an epic journey to accomplish some highly important goal’ category of fantasy fiction – there are so many potential directions to take the story (and the readers.  One of my favorite parts of reading has always been to go on that journey with the characters, both their external geographical journey and their internal ones), and there are so many variables that can make the story wildly different from other examples of the same subgenre.  Chezhnian and I are both very glad that you’re enjoying our take on the traditional(?) fantasy epic as much as we have been, and we’re really excited to bring the rest of our story to you (four years’ worth of writing so far – you have no idea how agonizing it is sometimes not to be able to share artwork or story blurbs of the more recent events and characters with you. XD)  Innumerable thanks to all of you for coming along with us on the road.

And for some update  news: I know it’s getting close to a holiday break for a lot of you, but make sure to check back here on Tuesday for a SUPER SPECTACULARLY AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWESOME. Really, we mean it (if you couldn’t tell from the bolded caps and hyperbole there). It involves comics and dead trees and goodies up for grabs and possibly ELK. Oh the elk. D:

See you on Tuesday!