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Ok… So Nekocon is just plain awesome. We’re back and once again had a spectacular time! If you’ve never gone to Nekocon and just happen to be in the area of say … the east coast of the US on the first weekend of November, we highly recommend going. This year was a little different for us as we actually had two panels! Which of course was awesome and tons of fun especially since we got to share them with Greyliliy the creator of Wiglaf & Mordred and Eric Menge and Brittany Michel of Snow by Night. Though the webcomics teamwork panel we and Snow By Night did was apparently never added to the schedule and the panel room wasn’t even marked… so we kinda had a ninja panel, but it turned out pretty well in the end.

What REALLY made the Con truly special however was meeting a good number more readers than last year. THANK YOU so much everyone who stopped by! You made our con! The other really great thing about this Nekocon that was particularly excellent was that we were tabled close to so many fantastic artists and able to hang out with them all at once! Check out our Facebook page Friday evening for pics of our gatherings. ( I would have posted them earlier but this has been an incredibly busy week. So hooray it’s almost over!) And randomly, thank you, to restaurants willing to stay open a whole hour and a half past their closing time to seat a starving artists’ party of 16. ( the AA didn’t close til 10pm >.> )

Said party of 16 included….  artists and creators from Snow by Night, Technoangel Studios, Tangent Artists, Wiglaf & Mordred (Liliy and her brother) and Demon Fart Cabbage Studio, and Eldanis and Ribbit (AA head of Anime Weekend Atlanta).

So that’s pretty much it… panels, meeting readers and fans (you guys are awesome!), and hanging out with fabulous artists. You can all sigh in relief that I didn’t just write a half a page long post this time XD…. oh crap… I kinda did. >.>


As always, THANK YOU so very much again, to EVERYONE, for reading and commenting and stopping to say hello at our tables.  We really appreciate it…after all it’s much more fun to share a story than keep it all to one’s self.