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Check back tomorrow for a Halloween picture – provided our power doesn’t go out. So far so good, though our internet was down for a while just now. To everyone else in the path of the storm: stay safe, and take care. Here’s hoping all is well with you.

If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be in the Artists’ Alley at Nekocon this weekend. We’re doing two panels:

Writing for Long Format Webcomics – 9:30-11am Saturday in Panel 2. We’ll be joined by Liliy of Wiglaf and Mordred (who just released her new book, Children of Hephaestus, which you should also check out!)

Writer-Artist Teamwork for Webcomics – 12-1pm Sunday in Panel 4, along with Eric and Brittany of Snow by Night. Note that this panel isn’t on the website schedule yet.

You can view the full convention panel schedule here.

See you there!

And randomly… happy birthday to Nashua!