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Sorry, guys, looks like you’ve already missed most of the coup…

Chezhnian would like me to point out that she uploaded a photo of her spider from last update post’s spider interlude to Facebook.  I got to see it this time; it was indeed an impressive spider.

Thank you for the printing survey responses!  The survey is still open, if you haven’t taken it yet. To answer some of the questions and comments we’ve gotten…:

– Several people suggested including a map in the books.  We are definitely planning to have maps, most likely at the front of the book like in prose fantasy novels.  ‘Cause maps are awesome.

– Will we ship overseas? Yes, and we’ll TRY to keep the cost as low as possible.

– What will the cover look like? I’m currently working on that – tossing around several possibilities. I’ll post sketches when I’ve gotten further with the art.

– Yes, we’ll most likely have a pdf version of the volume available to buy from the website.

– Someone propped the idea of having a fold-out poster inserted in the books as an extra.  We won’t be doing that for these volumes, but when we get further in the story we want to release a hardcover art book/encyclopedia for the setting, sort of like a D&D sourcebook or Spiderwick’s Field Guide, and we will probably be looking into it for that – maybe for a fold-out map.  As for actual posters, I need to get some drawn up and printed for conventions… then when we get our website store up and running they’ll be up for sale there, too.

– Will we be coming back to Katsucon or Anime USA?  We won’t be at AUSA in 2012, but if our application is approved we will be at Katsucon in February, and we’re planning to have Volume 1 books by then.  We’d like to branch out and try some new conventions this year – more on that as we get things finalized.

– We got a suggestion to update the vote incentive more often.  I should have more art to do that with pretty soon.  Putting up a preview panel from the next page seemed to be pretty effective as far as votes go, but I don’t really like the way it can skew your perspective and expectations for what’s coming…

– And finally, someone sent a question that was plot-related rather than printing-related: “When is Nashua going to be able to understand Varony when he’s in his Hound form?”  Answer: Never, at least not like Kip does.  Varony’s not really equipped to pronounce Atrandial/”Common” in that form – at least not in a way that’s easily intelligible. Right now Kip is using her telepathic ability to keep a “channel” open between herself and Varony so that he can speak to her and she can translate for him… when she feels like it.  Neither Nashua nor Varony has any sort of telepathy or magical communication, so without Kip they’re pretty much stuck playing charades or writing in the dirt or something along those lines.  It’s kind of inconvenient. :P

On that note, for general questions about the plot/characters/comic, I’ll point people in the direction of our Formspring page.  Feel free to ask us questions there anytime.