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We are getting the first volume of the comic ready to print and we have a small 3-question survey to help us decide on what to include in book. Please take a minute or two to fill it out even if you aren’t planning on buying a book. If you ARE planning on buying a book… Hooray! We want to hear from you too.  Thanks!

Back and MOSTLY recovered from the con weekend. XD  This is our third year attending Intervention and as always we had a great time!  Onezumi and Harknell and all their staff pulled off another awesome event! As always, thank you guys!

Intervention is one of the greatest place to learn about how to get that edgy plot that’s been rattling around in your head into a reality.  You can also meet creators of great comics and find new and exciting things to read.  We picked up some great reads like LaSalle’s Legacy Vol. 2 and Ianua Chapter 1 and attended an awesome panel on elevator pitches with Eric Menge of Snow by Night, Elaine Corvidae of Riven Sol, and Jen Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy.  We also got to— and HOLY crap! a HUGE …I mean HUGE wolf spider just appeared out from behind my desk lamp.  This spider is bigger than a 1″x1″ button and came straight for me. I managed to get it onto the comic script before it vaulted to the floor and took off. I love spiders but hell… that sucker was huge and is somewhere loose in my room.  >.>

…Anyway… We got the chance to sit on panels with Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance and the teams of Skin Horse and Guilded Age and hang out with good friends Megami Jadeheart, Jen Zyren Smith, Technoangel Studios and the Snow by Night team, and chatted with Liz Staley of Adrastus and her husband Byron who interviewed us for his gamers’ podcast, Rho Pi Gamma.  I also got zombified and went to a dance… there is probably a pic of me floating around…SOMEwhere. XP

We uploaded a photo of our table at Intervention onto Tamuran’s Facebook page. Take a look. For pics with us actually IN them visit Snow by Night’s Facebook gallery.  Can you find us?