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Here’s the scene Varony is referring to.
Know the moment of decision that Ashlar had at the end of this page?  …….Yeah.

As it says in the convention schedule, we’re going to be guests at Intervention again this year, September 21-23 in Rockville, MD.  It is a great con with LOTS of awesome artists, writers, musicians, and other web-based creators attending, and if you are anywhere in the DC area you should definitely go.  They’re having a contest in the months leading up to the con for people who have preregistered, so if you’re planning on attending you may want to look into it.

On that note, panel submissions/signups will be happening sometime soon, and whether you’ll be going to the con or not we want to know what topics you’d like to hear us talk about.  We usually do panels on things like writing for fantasy comics, world-building, character creation, and writer-artist teamwork. What sorts of things would YOU like to learn about from us, or what are you curious to hear about?

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