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We’re back from Katsucon.  We had a pretty good time.  Between meeting readers and new artist friends, such as Sarah and her fellow artists from Demon Fart Cabbage, we also had the chance to take a stab at a few geocaches (for those who don’t know what geocaching is, go check it out! and go out to dinner with a large group of our artist friends at a rather nice little Italian restaurant called Fiorella on Saturday night.

It was a total treat to hang out all weekend with the fine folk of Snow By Night, LaSalle’s Legacy, Technoangel Studios and chat with wonderful artists like Liliy of Wiglaf and Mordred, Megami Jadeheart of Annie, Kat, Eldanis,  Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez of Interrobang Studios, Meg of Rival Hearts, Onezumi and Harknell of Intervention and our table neighbors Moon’s Creations.

 It was an awesome weekend.

To everyone who stopped by our table to say hello and all of our friends and readers current and new, we say THANK YOU!

Oh and here is something I put together while things were slow on Sunday. The actual acorn came from Moon’s Creations and the leaf flames were Eren’s idea. Behold the “Acorn of Sauron”!


(from eren: …whoops, just realized I forgot to add smoke to the flames in the third panel.  I’ll fix that and re-scan it later.)