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End scene!

A nine-panel page, most of which is pictures of Kip’s hair, with mirrors: proof of how much I love you guys. Happy Valentine’s Day. :P

We’re going to be at Katsucon this weekend!  You can find us at table #E01, here:

Katsucon Artist Alley map - click for a closer view.

We’ll have print copies of chapters 1-3, buttons, and royal seal t-shirts, and I’ll be doing commissions.  I have materials to do bookmark commissions at this con, which I’m looking forward to (People still use bookmarks, right? At least during power outages when their e-reader’s batteries are dead? >.>).  Come by our table and see us!  Look for the lemur plushie.  Or, y’know, the banner of the big furry thing with lots of teeth.