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As I mentioned last update, yesterday was Tamuran’s second anniversary as an online comic.  Not counting this page, that makes 158 pages drawn in two years.  I can definitely do better than that this year.  Warmups are over. :P  I hope to be well into Volume 2 by this time next January.  As far as current progress goes, I’m a few pages ahead on penciling and trying to make some more headway – we’re just about 1/3 of the way into Chapter 6 now.  Chezhnian is currently working on getting Chapter 7 converted from raw RP chat logs into comic script form… after she’s finished I’ll read over the script and make edits, and then we’ll throw it back and forth till we’re happy with it and I can go on to sketching out plans for page layouts. (Have I mentioned that I’m really excited for Chapter 7? :D)  Pretty soon we’ll start reading through the chat logs for the next part of the plot, and break it down into chapters for Volume 2 – which should move a lot faster than Volume 1, hooray.

I probably say this a lot, but it bears saying again – THANK YOU to all of you for all your support, encouragement, comments, criticism, patience, theorizing, feedback, votes, panel attendance, TV Tropes edits, and everything else over the past two years.  You guys are great, and Chezhnian and I really appreciate your readership of this crazy mess of a story that we’ve spent the past 3.5 years creating.  Thank you again for reading!