Chapter 6 Page 09

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Weekend was busy, but here’s the new page.  The finished page 8 is up now, too.

I also posted on deviantArt a color-test/sketch portrait of one of my characters from later in the plot, if you’d like to see a preview of things to come, waaay down the line.  He’s one of the main characters for a second plot thread that starts in Atriand (the big country to the west of Tamuran) and interweaves with the main plot.

And happy 2012, everyone! We’ve got lots of fun things planned for the comic this year (which will be our third year online – the site went live on January 5, 2010).  I’m working on a new website design, and we’ll be finishing up volume 1 with the end of chapter 7.  I don’t know how many volumes long the whole comic will be, but it will be at least several – it is definitely an epic. In the writing, we’re currently somewhere around 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through the story, depending on what happens at the end and how long it takes. I can tell you, though, that toward the end of chapter 6 of the comic things will really pick up and get moving.  The players are introduced, the pieces have all been set, and behind the scenes, plans are being put into motion and gears are starting to turn.  We hope you enjoy the ride. :D