Chapter 6 Page 08

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Inks again for now. I probably should have just taken a break for the holiday like a lot of other webcomic creators… didn’t expect things to be as busy as they were this weekend.  So here’s at least MOST of the page…. Depending on my work schedule, the finished version might not be uploaded until the next page gets posted.

EDIT: Finished page is up.

As you might have heard, Shoutmix is switching to subscription-only service beginning in January.  While I wouldn’t be opposed to paying their subscription rate, I was planning to get rid of the shoutbox in the next site design anyway, since the vast majority of people comment on the individual comic posts instead (and the spambots seem to have been having a field day with the box of late).  So this is just a heads-up that the shoutbox will be disappearing come January.  You can still comment on the comic posts, of course, and ask questions via Formspring.