Chapter 6 Page 04

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Ooh, court intrigue! I guess Kip didn’t read the prologue…
(you guys don’t REALLY think we’re letting her off this easily, do you? Or.. are we?)

Incidental detail: the name of the guardsman with the cobra is Morgen Owings, and he’s the captain of Johlan and Ashlar’s personal guard.  Also he likes oatmeal.

Carapace drew us a very cute Christmas fan art! It will be added to the Extras page once I’ve finished fixing the gallery plugin I’m (finally) installing. In the meantime, you should go check out the rest of her deviantArt gallery. Thank you again, Carapace!

Vote incentive is a color test for a character who may or may not have already shown up in the comic… somewhere. :)

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