Chapter 6: Consequences

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Well… maybe we WILL leave you in suspense for another update…

Chapter 6!  Also page 150 of the comic!

…I redrew the snake’s scales four times before I could get them to look right. Fun thing about doing art for comics – you learn a lot of very random things while doing reference image research.  Like how a cobra’s hood works.

We posted a new response on Formspring. The question was: “Kip: Who do you think is cuter, Varony or Nashua?” You can read the answer here.  Thanks to Kip’s creator for sending us her insight into the matter.

New Top Web Comics vote incentive: a screenshot of part of the Google SketchUp model I made of King Leius’s study.  SketchUp is an awesome tool for building ‘sets’ for your comic scenes – I use it to block in where the objects in the room are, so I can keep them consistent for all different camera angles – and figure out exactly what camera angles I need to realistically get the shot I want for a given panel.  I never got to show half of what I built or planned for this room…

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