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Sorry about the website downtime this weekend.  Everything should be sorted out and working properly now.

We are back from Anime USA!  Despite a few rough patches and minor mishaps over the weekend (and in the process of getting there), the con was great.  We met a lot of cool people, got to hang out with the Technoangel crew and Megami Jadeheart, and said hi to Liz Staley of Adrastus and Meg of Rival Hearts.  Our table-neighbors were Thom and Kambrea Pratt of Shadowbinders, who were a lot of fun to chat with – thanks for being such great neighbors!  On Saturday we caught the Eien Strife concert – a rock concert presented as an old-school console RPG, which I thought was a pretty interesting concept, and very well executed.  We spent most of Sunday doing panels – first Writing for Webcomics, which we did on our own (I think we managed to keep our rambling MOSTLY on topic…?), and then a portfolio review and a very fun Intro to Webcomics Q&A session with the Shadowbinders folks, Onezumi and Harknell (founders of Intervention Con), and Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez of Interrobang Studios.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table or attended our panels, and thank you to the convention staff for all their hard work!

And welcome to new readers!  We hope you enjoy the story!