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We’re back from Nekocon and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!    Neko was the first con that I’d ever been to and I think it’s still my favorite. The drive is nice but not TOO far, and this time we got to see the ocean. Hooray!  ( even if it was only for a whole 10 minutes.)

There is always a wonderful collection of artists at Nekocon. We tabled next to Omonomopoeia (who make awesome things like rolly Koopa shells) and Technoangel Studios (totally adorable buttons and awesome Ratings t-shirts!) and mingled with many other great artists like Kaysha Siemens/Eldanis, the art team of Tangent Artists, Ryan of Darkstar Studios, Liliy of Wiglaf and Mordred and Nikki O’Shea of The Bards Comic. It’s always exciting to see so much creativity and talent in one place. I even dusted off my own drawing skills and did two sketches of Varony and Nashua! We will be posting these as vote incentives.  Here is the one of Varony:

Thanks to everyone who bought our books, buttons and shirts! We really hope that you are enjoying the story!  And thanks again everyone for reading and taking our survey and sharing your thoughts with us.  We really appreciate it. :D

On a side note, Eren pulled off the most amazing surprise ever on Saturday night.  On a supposed “bathroom break” sometime Saturday morning, he bought me a Squishable Octopus (which I’ve wanted for an entire year >.> ) and skillfully placed it in the trunk of the car for me to discover  when we packed up to go to dinner.   Very VERY skillfully I might add, because I was completely surprised (not an easy feat). I do believe I gasped, exclaimed “OH!” and then stood blinking for 5 minutes while I held my hand outstretched, frozen in midair 4 inches from the trunk lid.  Then I probably burst into laughter because an octopus in the trunk was the LAST thing I ever would have expected.   With that, I pronounced the octopus’s name to be Hari and hugged the stuffings out of him.

So hats off, Eren!  That WAS the best surprise, EVER!

Oh and one more thing, we removed the blog post that was under the update post. We both felt there wasn’t much reason for two of them as everything we want to say usually goes into the update post. Thanks again for reading!

(Note from Eren: The finished version of page 26 is also uploaded now.  Sorry for the delay on 27 – I tried uploading it from the hotel, but the wifi was overloaded and I couldn’t connect, so I figured I’d just hold off till the normal update day.  Also the Squishable was an early Christmas/Solstice present, and I figured that just putting it in the trunk would be both easier and vastly more entertaining than trying to smuggle it home unnoticed. XD)