Chapter 5 Page 25

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Just realized I forgot to add in the marks on Kip’s hands – whoops.  I’ll fix it when I have a moment.  Things here continue to be crazy, between work and convention preparations.

I’ll leave the previous lore entry/journal excerpt up where it is for now… sometime soon I’m going to move it to its own page under the World heading, which is where future entries from Zynatrx’s journals will go (Chezhnian’s working on a few).  I moved the lexicon from the main World page to its own page in preparation.

Have a happy Nashua’s Birthday, everybody!  It is on Sunday, and may be celebrated (in conjunction with some other lesser-known holiday) by dressing up to look scary, speaking in long sentences without contractions, and riding from door to door on a surly elk to demand candy from your neighbors.  Remember to elk responsibly!