Chapter 5 Page 24

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Audience w/Patriarch acquired!  So far, so good… right…?

Inks so far.  I’ll finish and post the shading after work tomorrow.  Sorry for all the delays lately – it’s driving ME crazy, too.  At this point I’m still trying to catch up on pages. My boss is getting ready for a convention the same weekend as Nekocon, so I keep getting called in to work unexpectedly and on short notice, so it’s been hard to find time to do comic work.  It will probably get worse over the next few weeks… so I am going to hold off posting page 25 until Friday, to try to make some headway on both these pages and the script edits for chapter 6, which will be starting in November (in the midst of another huge rush at work – much fun!)  Chezhnian has been working on compiling lots of various Tamuran setting information lately, so on Tuesday we’ll be posting some Tamuran Facts instead of a comic page.

Question for you guys. We’re going to be silkscreening some t-shirts to sell at Nekocon and Anime USA, as an experiment (and because we want shirts, ourselves).  The design is the Tamuran royal crest, and we’re planning to print it in gunmetal ink on charcoal gray heavyweight t-shirts, with the comic url printed on the back. Since this is an experiment, we’ll only be bringing one shirt of each size to the conventions.  SO – if you’re going to Nekocon or Anime USA, let us know if you definitely want a shirt, so that we can be sure to have enough in your size!  If you can’t make it to a convention but really want a shirt, let us know, too – if these turn out well and people are interested, we’ll offer them for sale on the website.  We’re planning to sell the shirts for $18 (plus shipping for the web orders, of course).  If you are definitely interested in a shirt, either leave a comment or drop us an e-mail with your size ASAP, so that we can be sure to print enough.  Just a note, though, that this is the PLAN at this point.  Barring horrible tragic silkscreening disasters, we will have shirts for sale. :)

Vote incentive is still the design sketch for Patriarch Leius Sun’arda (Could you guess who it was?):

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