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Kip’s talking about this lady.  Or more specifically, this.

It makes me happy that you guys are comparing the spot on her hand to rotting infections and necrotic spider bites and things – I wasn’t sure how well I could get that sort of effect across in pencil-shaded black and white.  That’s one of the fun parts – and difficulties – of working in black and white: the challenge of conveying mood and lighting and special effects without using color.  I figured that if a really well-done manga can use black and white to just as great an effect as full-color comics, then I could figure out a way to get whatever thematic effects the comic called for in black and white, too.  We’ll see how that goes…
…and challenge aspect aside, I just plain like black and white comics.  I enjoy a beautifully-rendered full color comic as much as the next guy, but sometimes I like the simplicity of monochrome, and the chance for you as a reader to use your own imagination to fully visualize the scene.

I’m sorry for all the delayed pages lately.  I’ve been trying to catch up and maybe even get a buffer started (again), but recently every time I’ve expected to have an opportunity to get some comic work done, something has come up – last-minute calls to come in to work, family stuff, other obligations cropping up unexpectedly, that sort of thing.  I’m trying to get back on schedule… I really don’t want to put the comic on hiatus to do that, so I’ll be doing my best.  Thanks for bearing with me in the meantime, guys.  And as always, thank you for reading in the first place!

I have work tomorrow, so I’ll be shading the page when I get home – the finished version will hopefully go up sometime in the evening.
EDIT: Finished page posted.