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I feel for this guy…
In the first panel I was a little concerned about him blending in with the background shelves, but in a way I think that suits his character – absorbed in his work.

New vote incentive, by request – as I mentioned last update, Chezhnian has made ponies of over 50 of the comic characters using generalzoi’s Pony Creator Beta on deviantArt. The incentive is the Varony, Kip, and Nashua ponies that she made.

This was delayed because of Intervention-related stuff, but here are the rest of the answers to questions and things that people wondered about in their survey responses. The survey is still here, if anybody else feels like answering.

– How does the whole Tunaul Morphus thing work?
Most of it’s explained out here, and on the World page under “Companion” and “Morphus.” Young Tu Naul with a talent for shapeshifting are paired with “mortal” companions (i.e, inhabitants of the ordinary material plane, usually human), to be the mortal’s guardian/helper for the duration of the mortal’s life, however long that may be. The hows and whys of this would require some explaining and a history lecture, but in one sense it’s sort of like a “Grand Tour” for the morphus, letting him or her learn about life on the mortal plane, and also sort of like Tu Naul community service. During that time, the morphus is bound in the one animal form that best suits the mortal companion’s path in life. When the companion dies, the binding is broken and the morphus is free to change shape at will again, and is also free to return to the Tu Naul realm if or when they choose. Kip hasn’t gone home yet, as she’s filling in for Cathrine as court physician until they hire a new one to take her place – this hasn’t been mentioned yet in the comic, but it will be alluded to. Another fun fact that hasn’t exactly been spelled out yet is that Morphyx have short-range telepathic powers – they have a permanent link to their companion, but can open temporary ‘channels’ to communicate with other people, too – this will get explained in the comic later as well.

– How old is Varony?
How old do you think he is?

– Why was (x scene) necessary?
Some scenes are meant to read one way now, and a different way later on – once you have more information about the characters involved, it should color the scene a bit differently, or add subtext that wasn’t there before. Some readers seem to be figuring out some of that information already, and presumably picking up on some of the subtext. But hopefully the scenes are fun to read even without paying attention to any of the deeper stuff. The survey responses so far have been split almost evenly between people who are speculating and theorizing, and people who are just going along for the ride and waiting to find things out as they’re revealed in the comic. Both ways of reading are fine with us, so long as you’re having fun.

– Is Talather a Morphus?
No, he’s not – just a bird with a big mouth. :P It’s a bit of side lore, but silver (sentient) ravens were originally bred by wizards with the intent of creating more intelligent familiars, a very long time ago. Some of them escaped, and now a number of them exist in the wild.

And I think I missed these before:

– Will Tamuran be released in a print version?
We’ve printed copies of the first three chapters (so far) to sell at conventions. We’ll definitely be putting up a ‘store’ page so that people outside of our convention range can order copies, since a few people have asked about that now. We’re going to keep printing individual chapter books, and once we’ve finished the first volume (chapters 1-7) we want to get it printed as a manga-size trade paperback.

– It’s taking a long time for the Travelers to catch up with Varony.
They were quite possibly delayed on the road, but by now they’ve arrived and are camped outside the city – along with several thousand other people. Varony’s not quite ready to go looking for them to rejoin them yet, since he’s decided to help Nashua out first.

– What happened to the theme music files?
They’re rough drafts at this point – when we posted them, they were just meant to be previews. We’ll definitely be putting up a music page sometime, but we might not add that until we’ve got updated arrangements or better quality recordings of the songs.

To everyone who’s taken the survey, thank you again! The responses have been very helpful, especially in figuring out what to put together for the next site layout. That will be a little while yet, but I’ve been thinking about it and plotting for a long time…